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  1. Why does it say incorrect name in beta when I try to put my name I only use.
  2. Need 1 feoh/heal and tank
  3. 5x for eng client 3x for rus client.
  4. Bump, missing 1 healer
  5. Missing 2 healers, ISS
  6. Looking for 1 healer and tank/iss
  7. Will there be balthus knights leveling?
  8. We are 4 atm. Prime 19-21/22 gmt+2. Added
  9. Illustral

    Eclipse CP

    I am going to form an english speaking CP here. We are currently missing healer and an tank. You can add me on discord Illustral#7342 or message on forum.
  10. I did and it said it is not available. Any chance for admin to change my name? I put support ticket aswell
  11. I reserved nickname and now I cannot find a way to unlock it for myself.