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  1. Post your old and nice moments on Lineage here. (official/private) Gamecoast Helios Asgard x7 : TheDarkSiders Clan Heine Castle NA Tauti Chronos : Genocide Clan Tauti
  2. +19 +5 Dragon Shirt? bad reward for such enchant.
  3. as long as you give this vit runes x3 day you could give us also event with x2 exp.
  4. Wish I could bring back those days.
  5. This is not how Red libra works. Latest red libra had Stone of destiny. Which allowed every race to be any class they wanted. Even ertheia > Tank / Dwarf > mage but has restriction for maestro and Dominator which can be only dwarf / orc mage
  6. you can send by gift 1 belt to Shandzy since on 13/06 is my birthday. thanks in advance gl hf.
  7. When will be this boss available? i farmed mobs and bosses 2 weeks passed and still not up.
  8. Why have limit on Buff when people with 2 or more Computers can have more than 1 buff. It's not fair for people with one computer.
  9. On ares it's on already. about fenrir don't know.
  10. That happens because tops are full already and they don't spend money anymore on events or taro etc.
  11. but you can already upgrade to 5 slot brooch
  12. Primeval Isle And the last clan mission is "Primeval Isle Savior". Every day, starting at 16:00 Moscow time and until 20:00, you need to kill 100 Tyrannosaurs. For every 100 Tyrrannosaurs, you will receive 100 Einhasad's Golden Coins. Maybe this can be 2 times a day? not everyone can be on pc every day on 16:00 - 20:00! (But can farm only once) Example: Let's say you got also 11:00 - 15:00 and you enter this time, when the other timer starts 16:00 - 20:00 (you will have reuse for it until next day reset) @Supervisor @Rafael GC
  13. It is like on live server now with the +12 weapons. you open the pack you get all types of weapons for 60 days. (so no worries about dual class) (1 day to make 105 for dual class) for oly to be more attractive and fair and fun for everyone it would be nice everyone can take only 1 hero. not 10 box hero cause you just have the gear.
  14. What about adding on Exalted Part II Greater Brooch Lv1. 15-days or 30-days since not everybody will be able to donate for all this items. and anyway brooches are already too cheap. @Supervisor @Mark Twain @Rafael GC