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  1. Is there by any chance you can increase the drop rate of Mystic Armor Piece or even put it on other instances as drop reward as well? There are such a nice appearance and we can't get them cause nobody farms tavern this days! @Supervisor @Mark Twain @Rafael GC
  2. By 15 it will be mid cycle of olympiad! so i assume it will be impossible to have a merge on this month!
  3. New update + new server is way more expensive since there are no Brooch lv5 packs on Einhasad Store. Make a pre Helios Server. Every single player will jump on this project. Even from EU / RuOff but the problem is they will get the attention of 4game company. So I don't know how long server will last. But I believe that only those updates can be over crowded.
  4. Post your old and nice moments on Lineage here. (official/private) Gamecoast Helios Asgard x7 : TheDarkSiders Clan Heine Castle NA Tauti Chronos : Genocide Clan Tauti
  5. +19 +5 Dragon Shirt? bad reward for such enchant.
  6. as long as you give this vit runes x3 day you could give us also event with x2 exp.
  7. Wish I could bring back those days.
  8. This is not how Red libra works. Latest red libra had Stone of destiny. Which allowed every race to be any class they wanted. Even ertheia > Tank / Dwarf > mage but has restriction for maestro and Dominator which can be only dwarf / orc mage
  9. you can send by gift 1 belt to Shandzy since on 13/06 is my birthday. thanks in advance gl hf.
  10. When will be this boss available? i farmed mobs and bosses 2 weeks passed and still not up.
  11. Why have limit on Buff when people with 2 or more Computers can have more than 1 buff. It's not fair for people with one computer.