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  1. Haven't been here for a while. Can any1 tell me if there is a point to download the client?
  2. Players pk as they used to do on aden, don't see any difference.
  3. Btw, it doesn't look like chances for l coins were increased. It looks completely the same as it is on aden server. What was a point to increase limit to 40k if even 20k is not reachable?
  4. Do u know how to read? He said that before lags he had full mp, after restart - 0 mp. He couldn't level up skills in the moment server was down Also noticed this yesterday. Even some shilen elders are meeting such problems, although usually SE may not have problems with mp at all.
  5. Ahahah, you are a funny one. Midgard is in the same place where fenrir and ares are - in ass.
  6. It has torrent inside. I don't think it is a problem of launcher.
  7. Every opening here is the same. Nothing changes.
  8. @Mark Twain @Rafael GC you should make a guide how to donate with cryptocurrency.
  9. @Mark Twain @Rafael GC @Supervisor is it so hard to show some respect for your players, who have been playing here for years? Or you prefer those who will quit as soon as new essence java opens?
  10. 1. Ahahahhahahahahahahha 2. Ahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha What a joke 🤣🤣🤣