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  2. We can't use google translator, simple as that. You can't copy the text inside the game into google translate. You can't type a sentence on Google Translator and copy that sentence on the game chat. So, answering your question, yes. It's unfair to foreigners.
  3. The auction would benefit foreigners, like me, since I can't type or read in Russian to use the /findprivatestore command.
  4. We can't translate images. Please fix the post.
  5. Hey I'm aware that this is a Russian server, but I believe there are a lot of foreign players from Western Europe and America playing here. Thus, can we have some kind of workaround for the russian shops on town? It's pretty much impossible to understand what is being said on the shops, making the trade business kinda hard for us. We could use the google translate and copy/paste the translations into the search mechanism inside the game, but that is not working here. Is there some kind of patch that can auto-translate the russian shops? Something like that? Thanks
  6. Doug


    True. The Latin proxy is not helping that much. Programs like pingzapper and WTFast really help us play on russian servers.