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Server description

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Dear friends, we invite you to familiarize yourself in more detail with the settings of the new server - Essence x1.

General settings

Number of game windows: one game window is available to all players.

The beginning stage of a server's life is divided into five seasons, each lasts two weeks. Every two weeks, various changes will be introduced to the server: increased rates for low levels, new starting items, increased number of L-coins dropped, new promotions and other changes to support the developing server.

Content will be introduced to the server in stages, along with the change of seasons.

The first sieges will take place with the start of the second season, that is, 2 weeks after the server start.

A redesigned and significantly improved auction is now available. You can now create lots for both buying and selling items. Trade both a stack of items and individually, and, of course, choose a currency - game balance or adena.


The new server will use base rates to support rich gameplay at every stage: EXP, SP, adena, drop and quest rates - base x1. In the future, as seasons change, EXP and SP rates will increase for certain groups of levels.

Premium account

Now on the Essence server you will have access to additional features of a premium account:

  • Rates EXP/SP: +20%;
  • Adena +30%;
  • Daily L-Coin limit +30%;
  • Teleport cost -50%;
  • Resurrection cost -50%;

1 PC - 1 game window.
A player can use no more than 2 PCs, and have no more than 2 farming windows.
If a player has more farming windows, this will be regarded as a “farm”.

L-Coin drop

During the first season, the maximum number of L-Coins that can be obtained by killing monsters is 20,000 per day, in the future:

  • 2 season: 25 000 coins per day;
  • 3 season: 30 000 coins per day;
  • 4 season: 35 000 coins per day;
  • 5 season: 40 000 coins per day.

In addition to obtaining coins while farming, you will have the opportunity to get them from many raid bosses. A detailed list is available in this thread.

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