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Rafael GC

Essence new server

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Dear friends, we have wonderful news! We are ready to announce the launch of a new Lineage II: Essence server, Crusader version. A server that will bring many innovations, both to the gameplay and to the life of the entire complex. While maintaining the classic implementation of game mechanisms, our team has added some features that will make the game more interesting.

The basic rate for EXP, SP, Adena and quests will be x1. Of course, we have thought of many ways to obtain L-Coins during gameplay, including drop from monsters, raid bosses, daily quests, and others. A well-thought-out season system will increase the rate and improve conditions for novice players, introduce new items, and increase the number of L-Coins obtained during gaming for the entire server.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a short list of the main features of the server. We will talk about each of them in more detail soon.

Own development

Now the servers will use a platform of our own development, in the implementation of which we place a key emphasis on the implementation of all game components, in accordance with the official servers.

This will allow our team to be much more flexible in timely fixing errors, preparing updates and implementing additional functions that may be in demand among players. The developers are already working on the next Aztacan's Temple update to bring it to you as soon as possible.

Thoughtful seasons

The starting stage of the server's life is divided into several seasons, each of which will be distinguished by the introduction of new content, new promotions, events and simplification of life for low-levels. Within each season, you'll have opportunity to receive a certain amount of game values by performing simple actions.

Epic Characteristics

One of our developments that will add uniqueness - epic characteristics. On the server, when you kill some bosses, you will receive not just equipment, but items that contain a number of significant stat bonuses that cannot be removed, changed or added in any way other than by dropping.


These characteristics can be endowed with weapons, armor, symbols, and even epic jewelry. Many different combinations of characteristics, each item is unique.

Advanced Auction

We've put a lot of effort into reworking the default auction, which you may know as «World Trade». Thanks to the changes, you will be able to comfortably not only sell items, but also purchase them. Both for adena and for the game account balance. 


A new user-friendly interface, the ability to sell and buy goods both in stacks and individually, and many other features. A detailed description will be available soon.

Competitions and events

Of course, we couldn’t leave you without competitions and events. Like all recent openings, this will be accompanied by a traditional event with the opportunity to win real money every day. Moreover, during the first four weeks, a random number of L-Coins will be drawn every hour on the server.

During the entire period of preparation for the opening of a new server, we will publish information about various competitions, and their total budget will be more than 1,000,000 rubles.


The launch of the OBT is scheduled for September 25, 2023, 18:00 Moscow time. During the OBT process, a cat will be available on the server, which will provide you with the level, skills and everything you need for detailed testing.

The OBT period will last 10 days. The official server launch is scheduled for October 6, 18:00 Moscow time.

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