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Rafael GC

Dragon's Treasure

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 Promotion details 

  • The promotion will last from March 28 to April 10;
  • All items received during the promotion will not be deleted after the promotion ends;
  • Click on the links in the item names to see their descriptions.
  Category   Product Price    Sales Period

   Einhasad's Store   

image.png.65ed5ac3ad443789df865d1ab17bbf16.png Dragon's Treasure Chest (1 pc.)     image.png.29ee8fc2aba5663466505da23b80f0d0.png 160     March 28 - April 10  
(2 weeks)

Dragon's Treasure Chest
When opening the box, you will receive one of the following items:

Item   Amount
81444.png Grater Agathion Fire Dragon Charm 1
29907.png Top-grade Dragon Weapon Pack 1
80663.png High-grade Dragon Weapon Pack 1
48667.png Mid-grade Dragon Weapon Pack 1
81443.png Agathion Fire Dragon Charm 1
81672.png Ultimate Luxurious Jewelry Box Lv. 5 1
29525.png +3 Dragon Ring Box 1
29526.png +3 Dragon Necklace Box 1
29524.png +3 Dragon Earring Box 1
29823.png High-grade Stable Scroll: Enchant Cloak - Legendary 1
80931.png Greater Zodiac Agathion Cube 1
28766.png Stable Scroll: Enchant Legendary Cloak 1
29163.png Stable Cloak Enchantment Scroll 1
80335.png Dragon's Ring 1
80334.png Dragon's Earring 1
80333.png Dragon's Necklace 1
81453.png Enhanced Rune Stone 1
81858.png Orb of Darkness 1
image.png.33291f03558cdb906a5fc40cf4a1d4fc.png Gran Kain's Scroll: Enchant Superior Kaliel's Bracelet 1
81832.png Gran Kain's Scroll: Enchant Dragon Rind Leather Shirt 1
81820.png Gran Kain's Scroll: Enchant Circlet 1
48675.png Freya's Bloody Rune Pack (30-day) 1
48323.png Zodiac Agathion's Divine Book of Growth 1
80501.png Royal Gold Save Ticket 1
36414.png Dragon Claw 1
81770.png Shining Energy of Protection 1
48912.png Gran Kain's Scroll: Enchant R-grade Weapon 1
80502.png Gran Kain's Scroll: Enchant R-grade Armor 1
40232.png Freya's Stone: Enchant R-grade Weapon 1
40233.png Freya's Stone: Enchant R-grade Armor 1
80449.png Royal Black Save Ticket 1
81135.png Dragon Weapon Augmenting Stone 1
28454.png Sayha's Blessing 1
48875.png Forgotten Spellbook 1
47866.png Star Sign 1
48831.png Jewel Energy 1
80636.png Artifact Crystal 1
80839.png Crystal of Dawn 1
48677.png High-grade Skill Power Talisman Pack Skill Critical Damage 1
48679.png High-grade Skill Cooldown Talisman Pack P./M. Def. 1
48678.png High-grade Talisman of Attribute Attack Pack Critical Damage for basic attacks 1
28485.png Brooch Augmenting Stone Rare 1
48215.png Circlet Augmenting Stone 1
80130.png Superior Weapon Augmenting Stone 1
81729.png Accessory Augmenting Stone 1
29379.png Peeves' Purple Potion 1
36515.png Elcyum 3
81134.png Crystal of Dyes 3
47494.png Selenite 3
81450.png Angel's Ring Pack 1
81449.png Angel's Earring Pack 2
81448.png Angel's Necklace Pack 2
81013.png Shining Nevit's Gold Hourglass Event 2
47578.png Gran Kain's Miraculous Medicine 100
37562.png Emperor's Vitality Tonic (Large) 3
29530.png Lucky Growth Scroll Event 2
81747.png Royal Honey Dark Beer 5
81759.png Glowing Royal Dragon's Attribute Potion EXP 5
29677.png Glittering Freya's Ice Rose 5

Good Luck!

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