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Rafael GC

Treasure of Giran

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L-Coin Store

Dear friends, after the maintenance on 23.04.2022, a new product will appear in the L-Coin Store:

Category Product Price Sales Period
Events and
image.png.a2351f1f14a032c9a5c6a3c1bdb283ec.png Giran's Treasure Chest (Time-limited) image.png.50643025f29963913f3f590ec360a0c0.png
April 23 — April 30
(1 week)

Giran's Treasure Chest

When opening the box, you will receive one of the following items:

Special Craft

Сraft duration: April 23 — May 7 (2 weeks);
Maximum number of attempts to create: 300 pcs. per character (per day);

Category Craftable Item (100% chance) Craft Attempt Cost
Events and Offers

Berserker's Scroll
?item=94777  Berserker's Scroll  — 5 pcs. (chanсe 100%) image.png.e053b8512243d54a600e334b4d2214ab.png
Giran Seal — 2 pcs.

Items deletion

The following items will be removed on the dates indicated:

Name   Deletion date
image.png.a2351f1f14a032c9a5c6a3c1bdb283ec.png Giran's Treasure Chest (Time-limited) May 7 2022

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