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Rafael GC

New Essence Server - x3

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Dear friends!

On October 29, at 18:00 Moscow time, we are launching the new Lineage II: Essence server. For 5 years we have been using exclusively official server platforms, the new Essence will be no exception. Full implementation of all game mechanics, quests and skills as the developers intended. For our part, we are only making small changes to make the game more comfortable and accessible for most players.

Essence is a unique branch of the game. It gives you the ability to play with the class you really want to play. Each profession has the necessary set of buffs and attack skills. And the "Magic Lamp" and "Auto hunt" make leveling your character as comfortable as possible. Essence is a new experience in the familiar universe.

The server will be launched on the current Frost Lord update, which adds 13 types of new weapons, new raid bosses, an updated Baium and a number of other changes to the game. 
Will be available a new class - the Death Knight and a new race - Sylph.

We have kept the original look of the game. Only minor changes have been made in order to create a more balanced environment for more players. Thanks to the increased rates, you will not have time to get tired of leveling, and the gradual introduction of content will not allow to create an excessive gap between the players:

  • EXP and SP rate – x3;
  • Adena rate – х2;
  • One window game;
  • Monsters drop L-coins, the daily limit is 2000 pieces;
  • Collections are being introduced gradually. A limited number of basic ones are available at the start;
  • The pet system will be disabled for the first time;
  • Offline trading is available on the server - the .offline command;
  • We will publish the assortment of the L-Coin Store soon.

You can test the server platform and all the innovations during the Open Beta Testing. The OBT will begin on October 22 at 18:00 Moscow time and will last until October 28. During this time, we will collect feedback and implement the necessary changes. Details and discussion of the OBT take place in this thread.

We have prepared many different contests for the launch of the server, details of which we will begin to publish in the near future. looking ahead, I would like to say that in addition to the usual contests, there will also be in-game contests, the prize fund of which includes various devices, including an nVidia 3080Ti video card, a Mackbook Pro 13' on an M1 processor, an iPad Pro 2021 11' tablet and other prizes.

OBT start: October 22, at 18:00 Moscow time

Official opening: October 29 at 18:00 Moscow time

We are waiting for each of you.

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Dear friends, after collecting preliminary feedback from you, we made several important decisions, the first is to increase the daily farming of L-Coins to 20,000 pieces per day. The rest of the changes, including those related to the game store, will be announced in the near future.

This decision is not final, during closed and open testing, we will collect statistics and information, analyze feedback from players and make the necessary adjustments, either in the chance of getting coins or in the number, because in the end, our goal is to create the most comfortable server together.

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