Start of Classic x3 [June 29, 18:00 (+3 UTC)]

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Testing Classic 2.0Antharas.png

Dear friends,

today we are ready to announce a new stage in the life of our complex. The official opening of the server Vanaheimr based on the Lineage 2 Classic chronicles with the x3 rates will held on June 29, at 18:00 Moscow time . At the moment server is in the open testing mode and we carefully study all feedbacks from you. In addition, we redeem all advertising spaces to provide you with the maximum online.

Following the best traditions of Gamecoast, the new gaming world uses the official server platform Lineage II Classic version 2.0 with the latest Antharas update. Moreover, we have made a lot of efforts to make your game even more comfortable and implemented several significant chips, including offline trading and ability to block the experience.

Main server rates:

  • EXP/SP/Adena: x3;
  • Drop: x2;
  • Quests: х2;
  • Spoil: x2.

Helpfull links:

Topics about: premium account bonuses, game store and competitions will be later.

1_png_96427d040677d233dd0f70fa74614f97.p 2_png_e276613518ced565820eea5d6cb4ae34.p

The server will be opened on June 29 at 18:00 Moscow time

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