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I was hacked! What to do?

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Before making loud statements about "hacking", let's see what it is. So:

Hacking is a purposeful activity for the detection and use of certain holes in the security and authentication systems. These systems are designed a long time ago and do work with many hundred thousand users. This holes occur so rare and are so small that it is difficult to imagine.

So, what happened to you - it's a lost data of Master Account. Why is this happening? Because very few people bother with such trifles as the security of account. More about security.

Most of players are absolutely sure of their infallibility and immediately say: "I have gave my pass to no one," "no one knows my password", "my mail is absolutely safe," "I have this password only in the game, it is not used in facebook of vkontakte".

Sometimes even like this: "only me and my const-party know my account, but I know them from 2 years old, I trust them on 100500%".

Or this: "no one knows my pass, I wrote it down and put it in a little book, and my brother/godfather/son/daughter (underline needed) even would not think about fraud me".

Understand the one thing: it causes a smile again and again to read your threads and posts about "hacking", where players do not do a minimum security measures. You are not the first and not the last, who in their stupidity and negligence deprived gaming values and characters. Again and again players make the same mistake, claiming that they are infallible and again accused the administration of technical problems, but their mistakes turn a blind eye.

Note: The administration does not understand the cases of "theft" of accounts, because all of them are the result of your carelessness and negligence. We are not responsible for your actions and we will not waste our time by eliminating the consequences of such actions. For our part, we are committed to provide technical security for alert and warning players about the necessary security measures.

We can regain access to your Master Account, we do тot return game values. To restore access write to the technical support.

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go and update your system, improve your security

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