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FAQ: Answers to your questions

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Below is a short list of answers to basic questions about the Aion game on our project.

Ask your questions in this topic and we'll post replies to it in the first message.

Q: How long OBT will last?
A: We are planning to hold OBT fast enough to debug the operation of all systems and test shop. About 2 weeks.

Q: Is it possible to transfer my character (or clan) from another server to this server?
A: No.

  Your server is an exact copy of ru official? Why would I want to play here?
A: No. First, we offer an increased rate of almost everything. Secondly, our store is much cheaper, and thirdly, our shop is much more modest and will not be aimed 
just to take players' money. We want to create Aion for the players.

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Installed game, but i don't have sound. What i need to do?

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您好   我是一位中国玩家    我希望可以和BNS   也就是剑灵这款游戏的 负责人 谈谈         我想做一笔生意双方共赢的那种       希望贵方 能给个机会来聊一聊

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