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Rafael GC

Time of change

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Dear friends, we have some important news. We are ready to share with you our plans for the future of gaming complex.

Throughout the existence of the GC, we have adhered to the concept of using only official versions of servers. At the same time, this gave us the opportunity to ensure the “correct” operation of game mechanisms, and imposed a huge number of different restrictions on us. The impossibility of introducing urgent changes, difficulties with installing updates, and other extremely important factors.

Regard this, we decide to radically change the concept in favor of servers of our own design. This will give us the opportunity to provide higher level support, control the development at each stage and make the necessary changes in a timely manner.

Our team has a huge knowledge of how the server works, its mechanisms and what content should be implemented in what way. We are confident that in the sum of all factors, we will be able to provide a truly high-quality and long-term product.

We are already recruiting people to participate in closed testing of the Crusader version of the Lineage II: Essence. Over the past time, we have done a thorough and painstaking job of preparing the server for you. As part of the CBT, we will be able to identify all the errors, carry out the necessary developments and present it to a wide range of players, as an a form of new server, and also, in the future, in the form of updating old servers to subsequent chronicles. Details about recruiting to the CBT team are available in this thread.

As part of the change in concept, we are also making the decision to reduce the number of supported versions to one - Essence, striving to provide it with a balance of quality and timely updates.

As for the Gludio and Midgard servers, due to the fact that we have decided to fully focus on the development and support of the Essence servers, the game worlds of the classic and main versions will be closed. Servers will continue their work until July 1, 18:00 Moscow time.

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Could you please clarify in regards to old Essence server Aden Giran, if there will be update of this servers to Crusades and merge?  

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