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Rafael GC

CBT team recruitment

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Dear friends, as you know, we are recruiting a team of our players who have both the desire and the opportunity to help the complex in closed testing of its own Essence server.

The testing team will consist of a limited number of people, it will include both Russian-speaking and English-speaking players. The main goal is to check the compliance of game mechanisms, quests, skills, items and other things with official servers and identify the largest number of flaws.

All team members will have access to a private section where the details of closed testing will be discussed, bug reports will be compiled and information about their correction will be published. 

There are some criteria for testers that will allow us to conduct the test as efficiently as possible:

  • The experience of playing Lineage II essence version;
  • Experience playing on GameCoast servers;
  • Technical ability to play, shoot fraps for reports and their publication;
  • The availability of free time that you will be ready to devote to this process;
  • Proficiency in Russian or English at a level sufficient to provide informative feedback.

If you want to take part in this, please contact @Supervisor in private messages, indicating your nickname on GameCoast, and the server on which you played with us. Additionally, specify your time zone and the time period in which you will be comfortable taking an active part.

We understand that testing is not an easy and time-consuming process, of course, all players who take an active part in testing will receive a nice bonus to the game account balance on the new server upon its completion.

See you!

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