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Red Libra

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 Dear players, we are happy to inform you that the Red Libra Guild is returning to the world of Elmoreden. Meet our beloved merchants and artisans!

Event period

Event Date Event Period
13.03.2023 - 13.04.2023  

    Main Period
    5 NPCs from Red Libra arrived to the town of Giran:

  • Wealthy Merchant Red
  • Bodyguard Blue
  • Elder Green
  • Artisan Black
  • Groser Pink

   End of Event
   After maintenance members of Red Libra will leave
   Giran and all following items will be removed:

  • Stone of Destiny;
  • Elysium Weapons;
  • Red Libra's Fortune Scroll;
  • Elysium Recovery Potion;
  • Soul Crystal Box Lv. 3 / Lv. 4 / Lv. 5 / Lv. 6;
  • +9 / +10 Agathion Charm Box.

Wealthy Merchant Red
Meet Wealthy Merchant Red, who is the head of the guild and knows everything about its members.

Red is ready to offer you the following services:

Red's Elysium Blessing with a set of positive buffs (its effect is similar to the Freya's Ice Rose) for 10 000 000 Adena.



Also, this time Red will offer you a special item - Stone of Destiny, it can be obtained for free once per account during the entire event.

  • The stone will allow you to change the main character class without losing the level and without taking into account the character's archetype. This means that from an archer you can become a mage etc.
  • One Stone of Destiny = One class change.
  • Only the main class can be changed with the Stone of Destiny.
  • To change the class you need the cloak of your current class.
  • Class changing conditions:
    • all skills of the current main class will be removed, including enhanced or enchanted ones;
    • when changing the class, Forgotten Power skills, dual-class certification skills, clan skills, Noblesse and Exalted skills are preserved;
    • when changing the class SP are not compensated;
    • Ertheias can choose any class, even if it does not belong to their race;
    • Ertheia classes are available only for Ertheia race;
    • Tyrr Maestro class is available only for Dwarf race;
    • Iss Dominator class is available only for Orc race;
    • when changing the class, the character must be in the state of the main class;
    • you will not be able to change the main class with a summoned pet or servitor, in a state of transformation, as well as when you exceed the weight limit or inventory slots;
    • the current main class of the character must be different as the dual class;
    • the character must complete Awakening and be at least level 85;
    • the character must not be a Hero / Legend or be in the waiting status of a Hero / Legend;
    • the amount of Olympiad points is reset to 1000;
    • runes for 1st and 2nd places in the Olympiad will be removed.

Additional Stone of Destiny

  • During the event, additional Stones of Destiny can be purchased - until 13.04.2023, after which the stones will be removed from the game. Stone cost: 30 000 000 000 Adena.
  • The changed main class will remain as it was at the time of the end of the event. Be careful and choose the right class, after the end of the event, you can change the class
    only within your new archetype, using Chaos Essence, according to the rules of its use.
Item               Description
destiny_stone.png Stone of Destiny               When you change your destiny, everything around changes as well. Olympiad
              Points will be dropped to 1000, and runes granted for the 1st and 2nd places
              of the Olympiad will be deleted.

Elder Green
Another important member of the guild is Elder Green. This member can tell you how to reawaken your Awakened dual class.

To have your dual class reawakened, you need to make a considerable offering to Elder Green. You need Adena and Cloak:

Requered Item   Quantity
3.2.jpg Current Dual Class’ Cloak 1
57.png Adena 300 000 000

All current dual class skills, including enchanted ones will be deleted, in exchange you will obtain the corresponding 3rd class skills which are normally given upon the first awakening of Dual Class. Awakened skills of your new dual class have to be learnt manually. Note: enchanted skills are removed as well!
Green is also glad to offer Weapon Attribute Change Stone for 200 million Adena and Chaos Essence for main class for 300 million Adena.

Item      Description
etc_water_of_silen_i00.png Chaos Essence 30-day       Mysterious essence with the power of chaos. Take it to Hardin at the Reliquary
      of the Giants to change your specialized awakened class. Cannot be used by
      Ertheia. Can be used only by the main class.
change_elemental_crystal.png R-grade Weapon Attribute Change Crystal       Double-click to change the attribute of an R-/ R95-/ R99-/ R110-grade
      weapon. The weapon imbued with an attribute must be in the inventory.

Artisan Black
Meet our legend - Artisan Black. He has great amount of services, especially, the exchange of certain armor.


A brief list of his services is as follows:

  • Armor Exchange: Black will help you exchange exchange the upper and lower parts of Leviathan's armor.
  • He can help you change Bloody armor into Dark armor and conversely;
  • You can exchange weapons from grade R to Dragon Weapon (Fragment) for an equivalent weapon of another type.
  • There is full assortment of the Elysium weapons.
  • A number of additional services, for example, sealing Seed Talismans and changing the type of Radiant Circlets.
  • Exchange type of talismans and rings.

Grocer Pink
Very cute and long hoped-for is Pink who selling groceries. We are sure that her products will pleased you.


Pink offers you to purchase various supplies:

Item   Required
35563.png Giant's Energy x1
  57.png Adena x3 000 000
35562.png Destructive Energy x1
  57.png Adena x4 000 000
19440.png R-grade Gemstone x1
  57.png Adena x1 300 000
17526.png Scroll: Enchant R-grade Weapon x1
  57.png Adena x8 500 000
17527.png Scroll: Enchant R-grade Armor x1
  57.png Adena x2 000 000
48520.png Red Libra's Fortune Scroll Event x1
  57.png Adena x10 000 000
48513.png Elysium Recovery Potion Event x1
  57.png Adena x500 000
48683.png Advanced Mammon's Talisman (30-day) Skill Power x1
  57.png Adena x2 000 000 000
48684.png Advanced Mammon's Talisman (30-day) Attribute Attack x1
  57.png Adena x2 000 000 000
48685.png Advanced Mammon's Talisman (30-day) Skill Cooldown x1
  57.png Adena x2 000 000 000
5235.png Facelifting Potion A x1
  57.png Adena x5 000 000
5236.png Facelifting Potion B x1
  57.png Adena x5 000 000
5237.png Facelifting Potion C x1
  57.png Adena x5 000 000

Bodyguard Blue
Remember to visit Bodyguard Blue, which is the only guard in this guild.


He is ready to offer an exchange of unnecessary Agathion Charms +9 and +10 for a box with a random Agathion with the same enchant level.

  • Only Agathion Charms which enchanted by Books of Growth are suitable for exchanging.
  • You need a certain amount of Adena for exchanging:
    • Agathion Charm +9: 170 000 000 Adena;
    • Agathion Charm +10: 250 000 000 Adena.

Blue also offers to change the type of the Legendary Dye Lv. 5 and above

  • some fee is charged for the exchange of dyes:
    • Lv. 5: 100 000 000 Adena.
    • Lv. 6: 200 000 000 Adena.
    • Lv. 7: 400 000 000 Adena.
    • Lv. 8: 800 000 000 Adena.
    • Lv. 9: 1 600 000 000 Adena.
    • Lv. 10: 3 200 000 000 Adena.

Blue can to seal a Lv. 3 - 6 Soul Crystal into a box with a random same level Soul Crystal for a fee.

  • the required amount of adena depends on the level of the Soul Crystal:
    • Lv. 3 Soul Crystal: 150 000 Adena.
    • Lv. 4 Soul Crystal: 700 000 Adena.
    • Lv. 5 Soul Crystal: 2 500 000 Adena.
    • Lv. 6 Soul Crystal: 7 500 000 Adena.

Also Blue can help to change the type of artifact. This is only possible within the archetype of the artifact. You can change Attack (P. Atk.) ↔ Attack (M. Atk.), Balance (M.Def.) ↔ Balance (P.Def.) etc.
But you cannot exchange an Attack Artifact (P. Atk.) for an Attack Artifact (Atk. Speed).

  • For exchanging Artifacts Blue takes fee 1 000 000 000 Adena.

Good luck!

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