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Black Coupon

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Dear friends, during the coming month you will have the opportunity to take part in various activities, and as a result, get up to three Black Coupons.

Black Coupon

The Black Coupon will allow you to restore items that you broke till March 11th. The following categories of items can be restored:

  • Weapon: Boss` weapons or grade A/B-weapons;
  • Armor: Special armor or A/B grade armor;
  • Accessories: Boss' accessories, A/B-grade accessories;
  • Special equipment: Circlet of hero, Dragon belt, Cloak of protection, Talisman of Baium, Talisman of Aden, Talisman of Eva, Talisman of Speed, Talisman of Authority, Agathions.

The interface displays those items that can be restored. All items are restored sealed, and their special properties, such as blessing, enchantment, soul crystal, are not restored. Restored Boss Accessories cannot be exchanged with the Game Assistant.

Also, you can exchange for scrolls: enchant for special equipment: Dragon's Belt, Cloak of Protection or Circlet of Hero:

Item   Amount
95597.png Scroll: Enchant Cloak of Protection (Time-limited) Sealed 1
95598.png Scroll: Enchant Circlet of Hero (Time-limited) Sealed 1
95596.png Scroll: Enchant Dragon Belt (Time-limited) Sealed 1

With their help, you can only enchant the item up to +9. In case of unsuccessful modification, the item does not break and retains the level of enchanting.

Mysterious Coins

In L-Coin Store, in the «Events and Offers» section, you can find the «Black Coupon», its costs 23 Mysterious Coins. During the entire event, you will have three ways to receive coins.

Login event. Log into the game every day, spend more than three hours in it and get a daily Mysterious Coin bonus.

Daily Mission: Kill 200 monsters. Every day, killing 200 of any monsters, and for completing this daily mission, you can get a Mysterious Coin.

Daily Mission: Win the Olympiad. Participate in the Grand Olympiad from Monday to Friday, for each day you win the Olympiad battle you will also receive a Mystery Coin.

Event Duration

The event will last from March 13 to April 10, 2023, one week after the end of the event, Black Coupons. Special Enchant Scrolls and Mysterious Coins will be removed.

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