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Rafael GC

Girls with Matches

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 Event duration

  • The event will last for 2 weeks: from 29.12.2022 till 18.01.2023.

Girls with matches

  • You can find these NPCs in any town, on a special event pedestal:
           Older Sister      Younger Sister
    NPC functions:
    Gives a bonfire once per account
    for the entire event.
    Exchanges 50 ingredients
    for a random type of dish.
              NPC functions:
             Exchanges dishes for a gift and
             accessories in the Christmas style.
             Tells you where to get the ingredients
             and how to prepare food.
    765723aea4a07f80e81cf8ae2ae8088f.png.911b3bb8bfeb7188ce90335e0d4bd0ab.png 765723aea4a07f80e81cf8ae2ae8088f.png.911b3bb8bfeb7188ce90335e0d4bd0ab.png


Item   Description
etc_torchlight_i00.png Bonfire (Time-limited) Sealed A bonfire made with the help of the Match Girl. Burns for 30 sec. Use cooking
ingredients to cook a Regular Dish or a Very Delicious Dish on the bonfire.
  • Bonfire can be obtained from the Older Sister;
  • this item is issued once per account and is used an unlimited number of times;
  • a fire can be light both in a peaceful zone and in hunting zones;
  • you cannot light a new fire while the previous one is burning;
  • You can cook food over a fire only if the inventory is no more than 90% full by weight and by the number of slots.

Cooking ingredient


Item   Description
etc_meat_of_monstereye_i00.png Cooking Ingredients (Time-limited) Sealed Can be used to make Regular Dish or Very Delicious Dish on the Bonfire.
Note! Disappears if used on another character's Bonfire.
  • Ingredients can be obtained by hunting monsters;
  • when hunting for "blue" monsters, ingredients do not drop;
  • when attacking monsters in the "AOE" way, a penalty applies to the drop of event items;
  • ingredients drop directly into inventory;
  • Sayha's Grace does not affect the chance of ingredients dropping. You can get letters while hunting even without Sayha!
  • the chance of dropping ingredients is doubled from 18:00 to 00:00 Moscow time;
  • ingredients cannot be exchanged, dropped, sold in a personal shop.

Cooking food
There are two ways to prepare food:

  • Light a fire and cook it yourself. You will receive Regular Dish or Very Delicious DishNote! If you use ingredients on someone else's fire, then they will disappear, and you will be left with nothing. The owner's name will be displayed above the bonfire.
  • Exchange 50 ingredients with the Older Sister. You will receive 50 Regular Dishes or 50 Very Delicious Dishes randomly.
Item   Description
etc_food_dish_i00.png Regular Dish (Time-limited) Sealed

    Looks quite delicious. Applies a buff when used.

    <Buff effect>
    Acquired XP +30%
    Acquired SP +30%
    Max HP/ MP/ CP +5%
    P. Atk./ P. Def./ M. Atk./ M. Def. +5%

    Duration: 30 min.

g_event_excellent_cuisine.png Very Delicious Dish (Time-limited) Sealed    Very delicious dish. Take it to the Younger Sister to get a gift.

etc_food_dish_i00.png Regular Dish buff

  • The effect is summed up with all experience and characteristics bonuses;
  • remain when entering time zones;
  • remain after restarting the game;
  • remain when entering to the Grand Olympiad;
  • removed upon death;
  • removed during a duel;
  • you can delete it yourself with the Alt key;
  • can be supplanted by other buffs;
  • also applies to the Summoner's Servant.

Exchange with Younger Sister

Item   Cost
1655c4b7f41eb4925a5198f556e0e6b2.png Match Girls' Gift — 1 pc.              g_event_excellent_cuisine.png Very Delicious Dish — 1 pc.
accessory_nose_of_rudolph_mask_i00.png Rudolph's Nose — 1 pc. etc_food_dish_i00.png Regular Dish — 1 pc.
gomdori_chest_change.png Rudolph Outfit — 1 pc. etc_food_dish_i00.png Regular Dish — 1 pc.
armor_ev_santas_clothes.png Santa Outfit — 1 pc. etc_food_dish_i00.png Regular Dish — 1 pc.
accessory_santas_cap_i00.png Santa Hat — 1 pc. etc_food_dish_i00.png Regular Dish — 1 pc.

Match Girls' Gift

When opening 1655c4b7f41eb4925a5198f556e0e6b2.png Match Girls' Gift you will receive one of the following items:

New Year Gift (buff)

  • Does not stack with the effect of the Giran Seal, Einhasad's Blessing Scroll, Dandy's Ball;
  • Has similar restrictions to the Regular Dish.
Item   Description

New Year Gift (Time-limited) Sealed

    Applies a buff when used.

   <Buff effect>
   Atk. Spd./ Casting Spd. +5%
   HP/ MP Recovery Rate +5%
   Speed +10

   Duration: 30 min.
   Changes the armor appearance to that of Santa Outfit.


Items deletion

The following items will be removed on the dates indicated:

Item   Deletion date
etc_torchlight_i00.png Bonfire (Time-limited) Sealed January 25, 2023
etc_food_dish_i00.png Regular Dish (Time-limited) Sealed January 25, 2023
g_event_excellent_cuisine.png Very Delicious Dish (Time-limited) Sealed January 25, 2023
1655c4b7f41eb4925a5198f556e0e6b2.png Match Girls' Gift January 25, 2023
etc_meat_of_monstereye_i00.png Cooking Ingredients (Time-limited) Sealed January 25, 2023

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