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Superior Supplies

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 L-Coin Store 

Dear friends, after the maintenance on 19.10.2022, a new products will appear in the L-Coin Store:

Category Product Price Sales Period
Events and
image.png.6732050ff7bf731d8ed31462c70984f3.png Superior Supply Box (Time-limited) image.png.50643025f29963913f3f590ec360a0c0.png
  October 19 — November 1
(2 weeks)

 Superior Supply Box 

When opening the box, you will receive one of the following items:

Item   Amount
93387.png Spellbook: Ultimate Death Knight Transformation 1
94498.png Spellbook: Titan Champion 1
95354.png Spellbook: Dragon Strike 1
94861.png Spellbook: Tranquillity 1
94668.png Spellbook: Pa'agrio's Touch 1
95347.png Spellbook: Rolling Dice 1
95861.png Spellbook: Mechanical Hero 1
94508.png Spellbook: Cacophony of War 1
94862.png Spellbook: Exclusion 1
94863.png Spellbook: Dark Disruption 1
95346.png Spellbook: Meteor 1
95802.png Aden's Soul Crystal Lv. 20 1
95822.png Hardin's Soul Crystal Lv. 20 Rare 1
image.png.668d30d0e3ed398253424e8c4408992c.png Ultimate Armor Box +7 1
image.png.668d30d0e3ed398253424e8c4408992c.png Ultimate Talisman Box +7 1
image.png.668d30d0e3ed398253424e8c4408992c.png Ultimate Weapon Box +7 1
95660.png Boss' Weapon Pack Sealed 1
90992.png Antharas' Earring 1
91550.png Frintezza's Necklace 1
49683.png Talisman of Baium 1
49580.png Baium's Ring 1
90763.png Zaken's Earring 1
6660.png Queen Ant's Ring 1
6661.png Orfen's Earring 1
6662.png Ring of Core 1
95933.png Gauntlets of Protection 1
95665.png Shield of Protection 1
95663.png Sigil of Protection 1
95932.png Helmet of Protection 1
95934.png Boots of Protection 1
93139.png Ice Crystal Breastplate 1
93140.png Ice Crystal Gaiters 1
93315.png Leather Armor of Lightning 1
93316.png Leather Leggings of Lightning 1
93733.png Flaming Tunic 1
93734.png Flaming Stockings 1
94176.png Venir's Talisman Lv. 18 Sealed 1
91951.png Scroll: Enchant Talisman of Baium 1
96006.png +5 Top-grade A-grade Weapon Pack Sealed 1
94385.png Improved Scroll: Enchant Rare Accessories 1
94383.png Scroll: Enchant Rare Accessories 1
image.png.c7762e71902b066bbbb91b20cd5447fb.png Superior Energy Sealed 1
93739.png Package: Giran Seal (1000 pcs.) Sealed 1
94434.png Jewelry Box Lv. 6 (Time-limited) Sealed 1
93144.png +4 Dragon Belt Pack Sealed 1
94822.png Package: +7 Cloak of Protection Sealed 1
94775.png +4 Circlet of Hero Pack Sealed 1
94156.png Package: Baium Doll Lv. 1 Sealed 1
94513.png Package: Frintezza Doll Lv. 1 Sealed 1
94651.png Package: Zaken Doll Lv. 1 Sealed 1
94654.png Package: Core Doll Lv. 1 Sealed 1
94159.png Package: Queen Ant Doll Lv. 1 Sealed 1
94162.png Package: Orfen Doll Lv. 1 Sealed 1
93255.png Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon 1
93256.png Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor 1
93257.png Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon 1
93258.png Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor 1
94328.png Elixir Powder Sealed 1
95768.png Master's Book Chest Sealed 1
94208.png Scroll of Blessing Sealed 1
95803.png Hardin's Soul Crystal Lv. 1 Rare 1
95783.png Aden's Soul Crystal Lv. 1 1
92314.png Giran Seal Sealed 100
92314.png Giran Seal Sealed 15
92314.png Giran Seal Sealed 5
92314.png Giran Seal Sealed 2
93330.png Enchant Kit: Talisman of Authority Sealed 1
93685.png Enchant Kit: Talisman of Speed Sealed 1
92020.png Enchant Kit: Talisman of Eva Sealed 1
91690.png Special HP Recovery Potion Sealed 30
91712.png Sayha's Storm Lv. 3 Sealed 2
91641.png Sayha's Blessing Sealed 3

New item description:

Item      Description
image.png.c7762e71902b066bbbb91b20cd5447fb.png Superior Energy Sealed         Use this item to create Ultimate Scrolls Chest

Using this item in Special Craft, you can obtain Ultimate Scrolls Chest (1 per account).
If you are lucky enough to get more than one energy, you can exchange it for various valuable items via Game Assistant.

 Game Assistant Exchange 

  • Category: Events and Offers
  • Duration: October 19 — November 8 (3 weeks) 
Item   Required
94386.png Improved Scroll: Enchant Rare Accessories Sealed x1
  image.png.c7762e71902b066bbbb91b20cd5447fb.png Superior Energy x2
91550.png Frintezza's Necklace x1
  image.png.c7762e71902b066bbbb91b20cd5447fb.png Superior Energy x2
49580.png Baium's Ring x1
  image.png.c7762e71902b066bbbb91b20cd5447fb.png Superior Energy x2
90763.png Zaken's Earring x1
  image.png.c7762e71902b066bbbb91b20cd5447fb.png Superior Energy x1
94384.png Scroll: Enchant Rare Accessories Sealed x1
  image.png.c7762e71902b066bbbb91b20cd5447fb.png Superior Energy x1
91951.png Scroll: Enchant Talisman of Baium x1
  image.png.c7762e71902b066bbbb91b20cd5447fb.png Superior Energy x1
92314.png Giran Seal Sealed x500
  image.png.c7762e71902b066bbbb91b20cd5447fb.png Superior Energy x1

 Items deletion 

The following items will be removed on the dates indicated:

                                Item Deletion date
image.png.ed4c582a3a5b447238e4b80afe8776a5.png Superior Supply Box (Time-limited) Sealed November 8  2022
image.png.c7762e71902b066bbbb91b20cd5447fb.png Superior Energy Sealed November 8  2022
image.png.3425aec0b2b2c2fc6259bc6c7dfb297f.png  Ultimate Scrolls Chest November 8  2022
95597.png Special Scroll: Enchant Cloak of Protection (Time-limited) Sealed November 8  2022
95598.png Special Scroll: Enchant Circlet of Hero (Time-limited) Sealed November 8  2022
95596.png Special Scroll: Enchant Dragon Belt (Time-limited) Sealed November 8  2022

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