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Rafael GC

Maintenance of the Essence servers [9:00 +3 UTC 21.08.2022]

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Dear friends, we are continuing to work on improving the server, correcting the shortcomings you told as about. On 21.08.2022 at 9:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC) will be the maintenance of the Essence game servers. It will take about 60 minutes.

Changes on the servers:

  • "Aden's Treasure" promotion will be launched;
  • "Black Coupon" promotion coupons and coins will be deleted;
  • Using the "Dragon Strike" skill on players in Primeval Isle to kill them will be punished;
  • Baium's characteristics have been increased on the Aden and Giran servers. This is a test step, its characteristics, as well as the characteristics of other RBs, may, and most likely will be revised in the future;
  • On the Aden and Giran servers in Special Craft, you can now find the following items:
    • Circlet of Hero Chest +4, price - Enchant Kit: Circlet of Hero x25
    • Talisman of Authority Chest +4, price - Enchant Kit: Talisman of Authority x25.
    • Talisman of Eva Chest +4, price - Enchant Kit: Talisman of Eva x25.
    • Talisman of Speed +4 chest, price - Enchant Kit: Talisman of Speed x23.
    • Dragon Belt Chest +4, price - Dragon Belt Pack x25.
    • Package: Cloak of Protection +5, price – Package: Cloak of Protection x8.
    • Agathion Ignis, Nebula, Procella, Petram, Joy +5, price Package of selected Agathion x4.

Changes on the server Giran:

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