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Rafael GC

New class - new life

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Class Change Coupon

After maintenance on July 6, a new item will appear in the L2 Store and will be on sale until August 6:

Item   Quantity       Limit Price
bm_payback_ticket_01.png Class Change Coupon 1 3 pcs. per account 250 rub.

Additional Services Lab

After receiving the coupon, you need to contact NPC Juni, who is located in Aden at the main fountain.


In order for Juni to teleport you to the laboratory, remove absolutely all equipment from the character and free the inventory. You will need at least 30 free slots.

After teleporting to the laboratory, you can find the NPC Hermin, who will help you change the class to whatever you want.


Class change losses

Hermin will tell you all the conditions for changing the class, namely:

  • All learned skills will be reset. After changing class, you can contact Juni, he will return the books to you for some three or four star books;
  • All distributed stat points will be reset;
  • Bonuses for rank in the rating will be reset;
  • Olympiad points and rank will be reset;
  • All buffs will be removed.

The full list of skills for which you will receive sealed books is available under the spoiler.


Dance of Fire
Dance of Warrior
Song of Earth
Song of Hunter
Divine Beam
Titanic Weapon
Goring Charge
Song of Wind
Dance of Fury
Ultimate Death Knight Transformation
Titan Champion
Cacophony of War
Pa'agrio's Touch
Team Building
Dark Disruption
Rolling Dice
Dragon Strike
Mechanical Hero
Ride Black Strider

Class change process

If you're ready, then let Hermin know. He will prompt you to choose a new race, class and gender. After confirming your choice, you will be disconnected from the server.

After re login, in the lower right corner you will be asked to select a new profession in the new class. Click the icon and get the first, second and third profession.

Also, you will get some additional items, depending on your character's level.

Item   Amount 86 lvl. 87 lvl. 88 lvl. 89 lvl. 90 lvl.
93064.png Weight Limit Ticket of Glory Sealed 1 +        
93059.png Spellbook: Mount Glory of Champion Sealed 1 + +      
93063.png Inventory Expansion Ticket of Glory Sealed 1 + + +    
93061.png Spellbook: Mount Shining Lady Sealed 1 + + + +  
94046.png Spellbook: Glorious Warrior's Ability Lv. 1 Sealed 1 + + + + +

Items deletion

Item   Deletion date
e669baed85454dd3a19d036b68f31fb1.png Class Change Coupon August 6

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