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[Event] Demon Slayer

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Evil forces have infiltrated Atreia, and she needs saviors more than ever. Defeat the demons and be rewarded for your efforts!

Time of the event: June 6, 2022 09:00 MSK - June 20, 2022 09:00 MSK

The Everlasting Life Refuge (Elyos)/Temple of Perpetual Wisdom (Asmodians) has a Священное дерево with daily quests.

ely.png.44bde0a3e40a38c34e8ed2002795ed00.png asmo.png.cb4231bfd0807559bdfeb4548d58cc5e.png


What quests do I have to complete?
[Event/Daily] Eliminating Misfortune - It is necessary to seal: Слабый демон х10
Reward: Box for Eliminating Misfortune х3
Contents (one random item drops) :

[Event/Daily] Purging Misfortune - It is necessary to seal: Сильный демон х10
Reward: Box for Purging Misfortune х1
Contents (one random item drops) :


How do you defeat demons?
In order to defeat the Слабый демон you need an Запечатывающий амулет для слабого демона, which can be obtained with a small chance from the monsters:

Location of monsters:




In order to defeat the Сильный демон you need an Запечатывающий амулет для сильного демона, which can be obtained with a small chance from the monsters:

Location of monsters:





Where can I find Слабый демон and Сильный демон?
Demons hide in the air islands and other hard-to-reach places in the area:




What else do I need to know about the event?
For every hour and a half spent online players of level 76 and above will receive aь (maximum of 5 pieces per day).


Good luck, winged slayer!

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