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Giran's Legends

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  L-Coin Store

Dear friends, after the maintenance on 27.05.2022, a new product will appear in the L-Coin Store:

Category Product Price Sales Period
Events and
bm_gold_lure_box.png Giran's Legendary Chest (Time-limited) image.png.50643025f29963913f3f590ec360a0c0.png
May 27 — June 5
(10 days)

Giran's Legendary Chest

When opening the box, you will receive one of the following items:

Item   Amount
95660.png Boss' Weapon Pack Sealed 1
91550.png Frintezza's Necklace 1
49683.png Talisman of Baium 1
49580.png Baium's Ring 1
90763.png Zaken's Earring 1
6660.png Queen Ant's Ring 1
6661.png Orfen's Earring 1
6662.png Ring of Core 1
94263.png Stun Gauntlets 1
94301.png Shield of Vengeance 1
94299.png Sigil of Inevitability 1
94083.png Helmet of Mana 1
94085.png Boots of Evasion 1
93139.png Ice Crystal Breastplate 1
93140.png Ice Crystal Gaiters 1
93315.png Leather Armor of Lightning 1
93316.png Leather Leggings of Lightning 1
93733.png Flaming Tunic 1
93734.png Flaming Stockings 1
96006.png +5 Top-grade A-grade Weapon Pack Sealed 1
94383.png Scroll: Enchant Rare Accessories 1
93739.png Package: Giran Seal (1000 pcs.) Sealed 1
94853.png Legendary Dye 3rd Class 1
94856.png Legendary Dye 3rd Class 1
94855.png Legendary Dye 3rd Class 1
94858.png Legendary Dye 3rd Class 1
94854.png Legendary Dye 3rd Class 1
94857.png Legendary Dye 3rd Class 1
94156.png Package: Baium Doll Lv. 1 Sealed 1
94513.png Package: Frintezza Doll Lv. 1 Sealed 1
94651.png Package: Zaken Doll Lv. 1 Sealed 1
94654.png Package: Core Doll Lv. 1 Sealed 1
94159.png Package: Queen Ant Doll Lv. 1 Sealed 1
94162.png Package: Orfen Doll Lv. 1 Sealed 1
94328.png Elixir Powder Sealed 1
95768.png Master's Book Chest Sealed 1
94208.png Scroll of Blessing Sealed 1
93255.png Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon 1
93256.png Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor 1
93257.png Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon 1
93258.png Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor 1
729.png Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon 1
730.png Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor 1
95783.png Aden's Soul Crystal Lv. 1 1
92314.png Giran Seal Sealed 50
92314.png Giran Seal Sealed 15
92314.png Giran Seal Sealed 5
92314.png Giran Seal Sealed 1
94168.png Enchant Kit: Circlet of Hero Sealed 1
93304.png Package: Einhasad's Pendant Lv. 1 Sealed 1
93303.png Package: Cloak of Protection Sealed 1
91076.png Venir's Talisman Fragment 2
91641.png Sayha's Blessing Sealed 3
91690.png Special HP Recovery Potion Sealed 20
91712.png Sayha's Storm Lv. 3 Sealed 2

Game Assistant Exchange

  • Category: Events and Offers
  • Duration: May 27 — June 9 (2 weeks) 
Item   Required
92449.png +7 Talisman of Aden Pack Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x300
94159.png Package: Queen Ant Doll Lv. 1 Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x165
94162.png Package: Orfen Doll Lv. 1 Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x165
93144.png +4 Dragon Belt Pack Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x100
92463.png +4 Talisman of Speed Pack Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x100
92454.png +4 Talisman of Eva Pack Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x100
91032.png Fire Spirit Evolution Stone x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x20
91031.png Water Spirit Evolution Stone x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x20
91034.png Earth Spirit Evolution Stone x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x20
91033.png Wind Spirit Evolution Stone x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x20
92068.png Onyx Lv. 3 Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x21
92078.png Spinel Lv. 3 Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x21
92058.png Coral Lv. 3 Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x17
92088.png Zircon Lv. 3 Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x17
92048.png Opal Lv. 3 Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x12
92038.png Amber Lv. 3 Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x8
92098.png Moonstone Lv. 3 Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x8
93268.png Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x40
93269.png Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x40
93270.png Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x20
93271.png Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x20
49995.png Best STR Dye 3rd Class x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x10
90000.png Best DEX Dye 3rd Class x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x10
49997.png Best CON Dye 3rd Class x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x10
90001.png Best INT Dye 3rd Class x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x10
90006.png Best WIT Dye 3rd Class x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x10
90003.png Best MEN Dye 3rd Class x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x10
93499.png Enchanted B-grade Weapon Coupon Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x15
93500.png Enchanted B-grade Armor Coupon Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x5
93498.png Enchanted C-grade Weapon Coupon Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x7
95571.png Enchanted C-grade Armor Coupon Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x2
90934.png Brooch Lv. 3 x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x10
90890.png Agathion Bracelet Lv. 3 x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x10
9591.png Talisman Bracelet Lv. 3 x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x10
94732.png Agathion Spirit Exchange Coupon Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x2
93406.png Scroll: Enchant B-grade Weapon Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x3
93408.png Scroll: Enchant C-grade Weapon Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
93407.png Scroll: Enchant B-grade Armor Sealed x2
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
93409.png Scroll: Enchant C-grade Armor Sealed x4
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
92035.png Shiny Jewelry Box Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
94210.png Life Stone Lv. 2 - Weapon Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
94212.png Life Stone Lv. 2 - Armor Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
94424.png Life Stone - Accessories Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
93122.png Life Stone Lv. 2 - Shield/ Sigil Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
94304.png Life Stone - Circlet Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
93926.png Enchant Package: Ring of Insolence x3
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
93927.png Enchant Package: Dragon Valley's Earring x3
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
94168.png Enchant Kit: Circlet of Hero Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x15
93304.png Package: Einhasad's Pendant Lv. 1 Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x15
92020.png Enchant Kit: Talisman of Eva Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x5
93685.png Enchant Kit: Talisman of Speed Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x5
93330.png Enchant Kit: Talisman of Authority Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x7
91864.png Dragon Belt Pack Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x5
90045.png Magical Tablet x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x2
94269.png Scroll: Boost Attack Sealed x5
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
94271.png Scroll: Boost Defense Sealed x5
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
91641.png Sayha's Blessing Sealed x5
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
91712.png Sayha's Storm Lv. 3 Sealed x5
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
90907.png Soulshot Ticket Sealed x30
  92314.png Giran Seal x1
91757.png Magic Lamp Charging Potion Sealed x1
  92314.png Giran Seal x10

Items deletion

The following items will be removed on the dates indicated:

Name   Deletion date
bm_gold_lure_box.png Giran's Legendary Chest (Time-limited) June 9 2022

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