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Rafael GC

Ares & Fenrir Merge

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Dear friends, we have news for Fenrir and Ares players. Already on June 5, at 15:00 Moscow time, an important event will take place, namely, the merge of two worlds into a new server, which will be called Gludio. All your achievements will be saved, with the exception of hero, castles and clan halls.

The EXP rate on the new server will be x7, and adena - x3. As time has shown, an increased rate for adena does not contribute to the long-term support of game servers and greatly complicates the support of the economy. The amount of adena players have will be reduced.

After the publication of this news, the transition period begins on the server, which will last 2 weeks, until the merge. During the transitional period, the following features apply:

  • Prices for the purchase of items from NPCs and in trading shops have been raised, on the Fenrir server by 10 times, on the Ares server by 7 times;
  • The "GameCoast Treasures" Promotion has been launched, which will allow you to spend extra adena by purchasing loot boxes. Event details are available here;
  • Adena rate on servers has been reduced to x3.

The merge will take place according to the following rules:

  • The server that will save nicknames is Fenrir, Ares players will have to choose new nicknames;
  • Hero, possession of castles and Clan halls will be reseted;
  • All items, skills and characteristics of the characters will be transferred.

If the account no longer has room for characters from all servers, then some of them will be deleted. Characters with the highest level and clan leaders are saved. In order for you to prepare your account, the character deletion period has been reduced to 24 hours. In any case, if the desired character is deleted, technical support will help restore it, but it will take up to 7 days.

This topic will be updated with new information in preparation for the server merge.

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