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Competition of the first

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Dear friends, the opening of a new server is always accompanied by a starting race. We decided to support this competitive component by adding several nominations.

Castle siege
There are only two castles in Essence, which automatically makes the sieges more competitive and, therefore, interesting. For our part, we decided to add additional prizes to the clans that will be the first to take possession of the castles.

Each of the two leaders whose clans win the first sieges, will receive a reward in the amount of 75,000 rubles to the game account.

First 80 Level
Leveling is one of the main competitions at the opening of each server, therefore we will be happy to reward the first 5 people who reach level 80.

The first 5 players who reach level 80 will receive 12,500 rubles to their game account.

First 5 Level Spirit
Elemental Spirits are faithful companions of the players, helping to strengthen both the attack and defense of the characters.

The first player whose spirit reaches 5 evolution level will receive 10000 rubles to their game account.

First Heroes
Hero status is one of the most desired achievements of every player, and the first heroes should be rewarded for their efforts.

Each player who is the first received a hero status in their class will receive 3000 rubles to their game account.

Cherub Galaxia
This is the strongest boss of the Tower of Insolence, on the way to Baium. The first group of players to challenge him and win will be rewarded.

For killing the boss, the leader of the group will receive 15000 rubles to the account of the game account.

Clan level raising
The clan system in Lineage 2 Essence is one of the fundamental systems in the game. The clan unites players and moves towards a common goal.

The leader of the clan, whose members will be the first to reach the 6th level of the clan, will receive 20000 rubles to the account of the game account.

Weapon modification
Enchanting weapons is one of the most expensive actions in the game. With one click, the player can become both stronger and lose everything at once.

The first player who is lucky enough to modify his Top A weapon or Boss Weapon to +8 will receive 10000 rubles to the game account.


 Good Luck! 

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