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Dear friends, on April 12, at 18:00 Moscow time, OBT of the Giran server will begin. As part of the OBT, all players are given the opportunity to get acquainted with both the server part and the settings that will be available at the official launch.

You can find the «Mr. Cat» NPC in Aden, he will provide you with the following services:

  • Obtaining the first profession (automatically raises the level to the 20th);
  • Obtaining a second profession (raises the level to the 40th);
  • Obtaining a third profession (raises the level to the 80th);
  • Learning all the skills available to the profession;
  • Provides a support chest, the assortment of which is listed below;
  • Also, the cat will help you create a clan, found an alliance or raise the clan level to the fifth.

The support chest is called the «OBT Participant Box» and contains the following items:

Each character receives 800 billion Adena upon creation.

Throughout the OBT, we will be happy to receive constructive feedback from you in this topic. The OBT will end on April 14th at 20:00, upon completion, all characters and their achievements will be deleted.

We are waiting for you all at the official opening: April 15, 18:00 Moscow time.

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You need to put l8k boxes into cat,since not every one wants to just run around with high end items.

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в коробке отсутствует последние три вещи - Aden Lv. 16, Hardin Lv. 11и венец +5.

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