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Dear friends!

We want to share with you the news, how the closed beta test is in full swing and how their participants are successfully coping with the challenges. We asked them a few questions about the gameplay, dungee mechanics, skills, class balance, and more.


GameCoast: Dear participants, let's start with the most standard question. Share with other players, how fast and comfortable is character leveling in your opinion??

  • JimmyChoo: Greetings all! Regarding the pumping of the character, on this version it is simplified and quite easily, quickly and comfortably you can pump a character. Just enough to pass the quests and missions, on average, pumping took 4 hours to 80 level. I advise this way of pumping, as at level 80 you have podnakopitsya kinah with quests and transformation banks.
  • Skrillerer: Leveling is easy, takes about 8 hours, everywhere lead by the hand and give out swag. (Without premium and tea). A wish for the players: make all the blue quests in Lakrum, for them give a good starter kit and on top of the ancient PvP-stones.
  • happyscream: About leveling up a character, leveling very fast on this version, without premium and amulets, from scratch to about 3-4 hours to the highest level, everything is easy, no difficulty in leveling.
  • Waalberith: In this version, the simplified leveling character for a more comfortable achievement of the highest level will be enough for 6 hours, if people want to quickly reach the cap level, you can manage in 4 hours. All quests are functional, so difficulties could not arise.

GameCoast: Now the question of interest to many players: in your opinion, is the game good chance of sharpening and crafting equipment, the chance of transformation?

  • JimmyChoo: Regarding the chances of sharpening, gold set sharpening is easy enough. Problems with sharpening you might have when sharpening from 8+ legendary set PvP or PvE, with ultimate set was the most difficult to sharpen, it is better to scoop up purple and red points to avoid fails. To do this I advise to go to a lot of activities such as arena, dungeons, Pandora, gorge of winds and other activities to accumulate Enchantment Stones :) + Events. Regarding pumping crafting and the chance to get crafting shmot/items in more detail can answer my colleague on the closed beta test "Skrillerer", he looked more detail in this section.
  • Skrillerer: Since I am a person who was born with negative luck status, it is difficult to describe the whole thing in a nutshell. In terms of crafting, it only took me 72 times to craft the ancient jacket to bring it up to сrit. ultimate. At the same time it only took me 10 tries for boots, gloves and helmet. Sharpening has always been nasty, some things stubbornly refused to go above +12, while others easily sharpened with 2-3 attempts from +10 to +15. On the transformation, what can I say, Mr. Mastarius present, Mr. Kaisinel struggling, but the pressure from 4-6 relic workers can not hold back, so quite often there is a breakthrough. All as it should be, stock up on fire extinguishers.
  • JimmyChoo: As for the chance of getting transformations, I can say that there was no particular problem to get the same Ancient or Legendary transformation. Ancient transformation quite often fell even when crossing from 4 Large-grade transformations. When you get an embodiment of Legendary graide is better to use from 4 to 6 pieces of Ancient, on average, to get this type of incarnation I had gone from 2 to 6 pieces, sometimes even with the first attempt to make it, sometimes with 6 times he got sometimes with 12, in general here is just your luck depends on what attempt you get the desired transformation with 1 or with 6 + or more attempts will need to you for this. I can only say that when I got Kaisinel (used to test 1k Legendary transformations for his mining), I had some trouble, because I got him the first time with 6 Legendary transformations at 13 tries, and with 4 at the 40th try. But again, it's just your luck that decides here. To summarize, Large transformation has a high chance of getting it, Ancient has a slightly above average chance of getting it, Legendary transformation has a medium chance of getting it, and Kaisinel has a low chance of getting it.
  • happyscream: Chance of sharpening gear is acceptable, not broken, everything is standard, no bugs detected. Regarding crafting, the chance of a shell "Korean random", about 1 crite per 10 . About combining transformations, very much everything we checked and tested, if you combine 4 Ancient for Legendary, let's say, every 7 combinations will be Legendary, this is as approximate as possible, as randomness, he does not spare anyone. About the Legendary combining of course the situation is worse, but what do you want, Kaisinel after all. But there is a chance.
  • Waalberith: Optimal, having tested trying to kraft Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate stuff, it comes out quite well, about 5-7 stuff will be 1 crite, sounds small, but tasty. Regarding the chance of combining the strongholds, in general also not bad, the chances are quite real to get an Ancient or higher by combining, but it all depends on the all-too-familiar great random.

GameCoast: Tell us about dungeons: do they work properly, what is planned to add to their drop?

  • JimmyChoo: My team and I have looked through all the dungeons several times, all the mechanics are in working order. Problems with dungeons in the test were not noticed.
  • Skrillerer: The workability of all dungeons, except Senekta (in which I was not) - 100%. In Narakkalli planned to add an ancient contract with a 100% chance of roll.
  • happyscream: As for the dungeons, initially when checking no glitches found, drop in many dungeons will remain standard. In Senekta will probably be added to the drop legendary contract.
  • Waalberith: Dungeons work surprisingly correctly, should not have any problems with their passing, in the drop is planned to add an ancient contract transformation in Narakkalli on the roll, as previously stated, perhaps something else will be added.

GameCoast: What did you think was the hardest thing to test in the closed beta test?

  • JimmyChoo: Oh, probably the hardest thing we looked at was the damage of the classes, which had to match this version. We went so far as to calculate the damage using a formula and compare it to the official localization. In the end, after all the tests came to the conclusion that the damage formula calculation on this server is working correctly. We also tested the functionality of the arenas which took a large amount of time. At the moment we are finalizing the testing arena, so that at the start everything is working as it should.
  • Skrillerer: In principle, nothing difficult, there was certainly an interesting situation with a huge PvP damage, but it turned out that it was because of the gm-status of the characterKappa | Know Your Meme.
  • happyscream: Special difficulties in any way was not. Everything was negotiated and fixed as they found it.
  • Waalberith: Most likely a bug check in the dungeon Makarna of Bitterness, associated with the minions on the final boss.

GameCoast: What other tasks are left to check?

  • JimmyChoo: Regarding the tasks that now stand, the final arena check and the final check of incarnations after the bugfix, before which all incarnations were missing on the account, at the relog, and the arena after the fight did not count for the calibration on the rating of the character. To avoid problems at the start, we need to double-check everything at the end of the test.
  • Skrillerer: It remains to do arena rating and test Neviwind Canyon, Runatorium, Dredgion - I think at the open beta test this will be finished all together.
  • happyscream: At this stage there is a check arena rating, and a general schedule of all battlegrounds, the main tasks have been made \ corrected.
  • Waalberith: Check the chance of sharpening stigmas, and a couple of little things related to some dungeons.

GameCoast: And a final question: what can you say about the closed beta test in general? What do you think of the performance of the client from the GC team?

  • JimmyChoo: It was interesting and it took quite a lot of time, we wanted to check everything we could so that in the future players would not experience difficulties. There were controversial moments when a question puzzled the whole team of test participants, I think we did the best we could so that the players at the start was pleasant to play. Customer performance from the team evaluate at a good level, of course, there were some bugs and bugs, which had to be corrected, for example, the functionality associated with the Luna, where you can walk an infinite number of times on the crescent Luna coins, rather than 10 entries, or the sale of loot, when in a personal shop of the character the cost of items in 2 times higher than that of the NPC, or the problems described above. These issues were fixed promptly by the GC team.
  • Skrillerer: Closed beta test passed quite easily thanks to the retail version, there were small edits and fixes. Client performance is good, sendlog never caught (strange).
  • happyscream: The closed beta test is going well. Specifically me, and a couple of people from the team, together we tested this or that, a few dozen times each - everything checked out, everything works relatively well. Hopefully the open beta and release will be the same. The open beta test will show its results.
  • Waalberith: On the whole, the closed beta test was very good, the server worked stably, there were some bugs, fortunately, they were fixed very quickly and the client worked stably. And the team was good, solved problems as they came in, gave advice on some issues and helped solve them.

GameCoast: What else can you say at the end? 

  • JimmyChoo: In conclusion, I want to say, we, like you, can not wait to start, so that not as testers, but as players were able to play the game, which we love so many years. Meme about the "2 weeks" I think has become a local. We all really wanted to finish all the tests as soon as possible, and break into the vastness of Atreia with you, and waiting for news about the release date of the server. We hope that we were able to find all the possible bugs and errors, which were only possible, if we have missed something and you at the start of a problem, ask you to contact the Administration server - GC team makes fixes quickly and efficiently. Good luck to all see you at the release :).
  • Skrillerer: For Mastarius and the yard - shooting at point-blank range.
  • happyscream: This is not all, and perhaps there will be nice additions that everyone will like! Therefore, call your friends, moms, dads, children, let them all come to conquer Atreia :).
  • Waalberith: In conclusion, I would like to say that my team and I are satisfied with the closed beta test, the set tasks were completed and the performance of some mechanics of this version was tested.


GameCoast would like to thank our participants for taking the time to "chat" with us about the closed beta test process for version 6.5. Also, we want to gladly inform you that in 2 weeks there will be an opening of our Refly server with everyone's favorite version in publishing from our team. And how to do without the open beta test, which will be a couple of days before the start, so that each of you could make sure of the quality of our product and charge the atmosphere of the upcoming opening. 

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I hope it will be much more comfortable with the transformations and upgrading of armor than on the retail. Since the Master Server 4.8 was a complete letdown, I hope you learned from it and I'm really looking forward to the open beta i love aion i need new private server

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