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Rafael GC

Monster Hunter

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Event duration

  • Event will last for 2 weeks: from April 15 till April 29.

Daily Mission

  • Daily mission is available to all characters of level 65 and higher;
  • The mission can be completed only by one character of the account;
  • The daily mission «Monster Purge» will remain permanently.
Mission Name Mission Goal Features Reward
       Monster Purge       Get the Purge reward once.
(Any zone purge is counted.)
   Type: daily
   Cooldown: 6:30 a.m.
   Level: 65 and higher       
   Conditions: none

image.png.3c249c0a844a792265305931c69c46b7.png Aden Purge Crystal  — 1 pc.

Special Craft

  • Necessary equipment is in the Special Craft;
  • Read more about the purge system in the article: purge;
  • Maximum number of craft attempts: 1 per click;
  • Daily limit: 1 per day (per account);
  • Period: April 15 - April 29 (2 weeks);
  • Click on the links in the names of items to see their description.
Category Craftable Item
(a random one from the list)

Events and Offers       
Monster Purge        

sayhas_talisman_new.png Talisman of Authority — 1 pc. 
?item=92018 Talisman of Eva — 1 pc. 
r2_belt_i01.png Dragon Belt — 1 pc.
?item=93301 Cloak of Protection — 1 pc.
?item=92056 Coral Lv. 1 — 1 pc.

image.png.3c249c0a844a792265305931c69c46b7.png Aden Purge Crystal — 1 pc.   
etc_adena_i00.png 500 000 Adena

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