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Rafael GC

Favorite of the Sylphs

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 Event duration

  • The event will last for 4 weeks: from April 15 till May 13.

Sylph Blessing

  • All characters who enter the game will automatically receive a positive effect;
  • The effect is unlimited and lasts all the time while the character is in the game;
(Lv.) Name
(Lv. 1) Sylph Blessing
  Atk. Spd. +50
Casting Spd. +50
Speed +5
Soulshot Damage +10%
Spiritshot Damage +10%
Acquired XP/ SP +30%
  • The effect does not apply in cross-server locations;
  • The effect persists upon death;
  • The effect persists when enter to the Olympiad;
  • The effect is transferred to the pet, but not to the servitor;
  • The effect cannot be canceled, removed, replaced by other effects;
  • The effect is removed when you exit the game.

Sylph Gift

L-Coin Store

  • New products will appear in the L2 Store:
Category    Product, 1 pc. Price Sales limit Sales period
Adena store image.png.327501a9ab85f896fc0b8c08b9364db5.png Sylphen Ring (Time-limited) Sealed image.png.061397341b0f2a6fba4b82b6f3b84e53.png
1 000 000
1 pc. per account

April 15 — May 13
(4 weeks)

Events and Offers image.png.f045aaf70eb2061ee6919d5b3ea44b18.png Premium Growth Kit Sealed image.png.dcc88a4857b1d4b680d14b5f1df367e1.png
5 000
Level: 60+
    1 pc. pet character

Premium Growth Kit

Item deletion

  • The following items will be removed on the specified dates:
         Item Deletion Date
image.png.c2a8ae794e7e2b2f96c904574b6fffe9.png Sylphen Ring (Time-limited) Sealed                  May 20 2022 

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