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Rafael GC

[Essence] New server opening - April 15!

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Dear friends, today we have important news. Already on April 15, at 18:00 Moscow time, a new Essence server with x3 rate will be opened. The server name is Giran. The new server will use a proven, stable, official build of the Frost Lord version.

Main Features

We took into account all the experience that we received while working on the Aden server and are ready to offer you a new world. Server settings will be aimed at making the game easier, more intense and more accessible for all players. Very soon we will begin to publish more extended information.

  • Main server rate - x3;
  • As before, while hunting monsters you will receive L-Сoins, daily limit - 40.000 L-coins;
  • An updated drop list of raid bosses will increase the interest in fighting for them;
  • We will limit the assortment of special craft, for the first time;
  • The conditions for raising the clan level will be simplified;
  • Random craft will be improved;
  • Updated referral system: even more prizes for inviting new players.


  • These are not all the changes that we are preparing for you. Information about it will be added during the entire period of preparation for the opening
  • Also, we will be glad to hear constructive feedback from you and implement these wishes on the new server.

As always, the opening of a new server will be accompanied by various contests. The description is already in preparation, very soon you will be able to take part.

OBT and your contribution to the concept

Of course, we will not leave the players without open testing. OBT will begin on April 12 at 18:00. There will be cats available on the server that will provide you with a level, profession, and necessary items. Throughout the OBT, we will collect feedback from players on how to improve the server.

We are waiting for you at the opening, on April 15, at 18:00 Moscow time.

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Hopefully Aden server won't be left to die!

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Em 28/03/2022 às 12:05, ZhaoYuna disse:

vamos lá


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