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Rafael GC

Cradle of Time

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Event duration

The event will last for 2 weeks: from 25.12.2021 till 8.01.2022.

New Homunculi


In the central square of Aden, you can meet several event NPCs. They will tell you about their characteristics, and the reason for their appearance.

Homunculus` Hourglass

Any of the event NPCs will give you the Homunculus Hourglass item for free. You can get them no more than once a day, and the counter resets at 6:30 a.m. During the day, you can get the Hourglass from only one NPC.

When used, Homunculus Hourglass reduces the waiting time to 0 and cancels all the components required for crafting. You can create a homunculus instantly.

Item   Description
81811.png Homunculus' Hourglass Event Required for awakening a Homunculus sleeping in the Cradle of Time. Click the Create icon in the homunculus window
or double-click the item to get to the Cradle of Time.

How to use Homunculus` Hourglass

In the Homunculus interface, click the «Cradle of Time» to open the hourglass interface.

Select the cell marked «Event», click the «Create» button and confirm the creation of the homunculus.


In the confirmation menu, click on the «Accept» button, if you are satisfied with the created homunculus, or «Destroy», if you want another.


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