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Rafael GC

Bonus Start

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Dear friends, from December 18, all new players will be able to receive a bonus kit. It includes all the necessary items for a comfortable start, and will allow all beginners to catch up with those who started earlier much faster. Players who have already started will also receive their kits on the day of the restart.

Newbie kit

Temporary items

All temporary set items are given to players for a period of 60 days. This period will be more than enough to have time to acquire permanent equipment of a higher level.

Item   Quantity
49703.png Talisman Bracelet Lv. 4 Запечатано 1
92326.png Brooch Lv. 4 Sealed 1
90891.png Agathion Bracelet Lv. 4 Sealed 1
92069.png Onyx Lv. 4 Sealed 1
92059.png Coral Lv. 4 Sealed 1
92089.png Zircon Lv. 4 Sealed 1
92099.png Moonstone Lv. 4 Sealed 1
92079.png Spinel Lv. 4 Sealed 1
93128.png +5 Agathion Ignis Sealed 1
93131.png +5 Agathion Petram Sealed 1
93129.png +5 Agathion Nebula Sealed 1
93132.png +5 Agathion Joy Sealed 1
93130.png +5 Agathion Procella Sealed 1
92403.png +3 Talisman of Speed Sealed 1
92018.png +3 Talisman of Eva Sealed 1
91061.png +3 Talisman of Authority Sealed 1
91745.png +5 Talisman of Aden Sealed 1
93301.png +3 Cloak of Protection Sealed 1
91862.png +3 Dragon Belt Sealed 1
93297.png Einhasad’s Pendant Lv. 2 Sealed 1
94166.png +3 Circlet of Hero Sealed 1

Items are individual, any transfer is disabled.

Permanent items

For convenience, you will also find consumables in the kit that will speed up the starting leveling.

Enchanted B-grade Armor and Weapon Coupons

In the L2 Store, in the "Misc." section, you can find two coupons for a symbolic price of 1 Adena.

Item   Cuantity Price Limitations
93500.png Enchanted B-grade Armor Coupon Sealed 5 1 Аdena 1 pc. per account
94733.png +7 B-grade Weapon Coupon Sealed 1 1 Аdena  1 pc. per account

The game assistant will exchange them for you for the corresponding armor. Attention: you can buy these coupons only once on your game account.

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