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The event will last for 5 weeks: from 11.12.2021 till 15.01.2022.


Log in the game every day and get prizes, you can do it after 30 minutes spent in the game. The most important thing is not to leave the game during this 30 minutes, otherwise the timer will be reset.
Every day is a new reward. In a special interface, you can track the progress that automatically opens when you enter the game. Also, it can be opened from the main menu (Alt + X) - Attendance Check.

Rewards List

First week

Second week

Third week

Fourth week

Black Strider Rider

You will have the opportunity to receive a scroll for learning a special transformation skill - "Black Strider Rider".

Party Appearance


On day 21, you can receive a Party Appearance Stone. This is a stone for processing character appearance.

Items deletion

Item   Deletion date
81880.png 17th Anniversary Jewel Box Event February 11
81869.png Superior Ruby Lv. 10 Event February 11
81870.png Superior Sapphire Lv. 10 Event February 11
81871.png Superior Red Cat's Eye Lv. 10 Event February 11
81872.png Superior Blue Cat's Eye Lv. 10 Event February 11
81646.png Festive Agathion Charm: Guardian Angel Chuchu Event February 11
80800.png Ruler's Authority Event February 11

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