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Rafael GC

Expedition to the Ancient Forest

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Characters Lv. 60 - 75+ will be able to go to the Ancient Forest time zone. There is a buff in the zone that reduces the Sayha's Grace consumption. In
addition, defeating the special monsters with a title "Forest Lord", you can get another buff — a 50% XP bonus. By the way, with a small chance,
the Forest Lord monsters will share not only the buff, but also a Shining Jewelry Box. While hunting, it is also worth paying attention to the
environment. The Golden Pig will periodically wander through the forest. If she is attacked, she will escape, leaving some valuables.

Event duration

  • Event will last for 3 weeks: from November 26 till December 17.

How to enter the Ancient Forest

  • During the event, you can visit the world session zone — the Forest of the Ancients.
  • You can enter the zone from the Special Hunting Zone interface.
  • The zone is an interserver (world) zone.
Zone Name Cycle Level         Stay Time Entry Cost
Forest of the Ancients  Daily
(reset at 6:30 a.m.)
60 - 75 120 min. a day
(extending up to 180 min.)
image.png.a85de3046ef25f00f07d9878d379f27e.png 10 000 
  • You can extend the stay time in the zone by using the Time Stone:
Category Product Name Price Purchase Limit         Sales Period
Events and
image.png.d6523d708d8236dcf1bb66043de85254.png Forest of the Ancients' Time Stone — 1 pc. image.png.cebca74d65e6e095d72b163bcc53002f.png
2 pcs. per account
(a day)
 November 26 — December 17
(3 weeks) 

What should I do inside

  • After entering, you will see the NPC Lakin, you can move from it to the following points:
    • Entrance to the Forest of the Ancients Lv. 66+
    • Inner Forest of the Ancients Lv. 72+
  • In the starting zone (next to the NPC Lakin) PvP and PK are impossible, while in all other parts of the zone, characters can attack each other.
  • Upon death, the character loses XP in the usual way.
  • The zone is inhabited by normal  and elite monsters (with green titles). You can get a lot of XP from all of them.

Buff when attacking normal monsters

  • When attacking normal monsters, the character will get a buff on reducing the Sayha's Grace consumption.
  • The buff is updated every 5 minutes as you stay in the zone.
  (Lv.) Name   Description
image.png.1a959d08b77d92816678706949722fee.png  (Lv. 1) Benefaction of Blue Hawk          Sayha's Grace Consumption -50%.   

Buff for killing elite monsters

  • For killing elite monsters, the character will receive a 50% XP buff:
  (Lv.) Name   Description
image.png.8cf09eb703c44371fc6a2ef520f56a29.png   (Lv. 1) Burning         For 30 sec., acquired XP/ SP +50%, when attacking a special monster.   

Jewelry Box for killing elite monsters

  • For killing elite monsters, with a certain chance you can get a image.png.03d4314bcaf85cb759c973bb01ac2a8b.png.87828dbc92d625ce31b1bf9613e9682b.png Shiny Jewelry Box (to the inventory).
  • The box doesn't drop from normal monsters.

When opening image.png.03d4314bcaf85cb759c973bb01ac2a8b.png.87828dbc92d625ce31b1bf9613e9682b.png Shiny Jewelry Box you can get on of the following items:

Name   Quantity Exchange/Account
92066.png Onyx Lv. 1 Sealed 1 No / Yes
92036.png Amber Lv. 1 Sealed 1 No / Yes
92046.png Opal Lv. 1 Sealed 1 No / Yes
92056.png Coral Lv. 1 Sealed 1 No / Yes
92076.png Spinel Lv. 1 Sealed 1 No / Yes
92086.png Zircon Lv. 1 Sealed 1 No / Yes
92096.png Moonstone Lv. 1 Sealed 1 No / Yes

Golden Pig


  • Every hour, a special monster spawns at a random point in the zone — a Golden Pig. Its spawn is accompanied by an on-screen message.
  • When attacking the pig, the character will always deal 1 damage, regardless of the stats.
  • When the pig's HP decreases by every 10%, it drops a special chest: image.png.613cb26b215c38154874ec73e64883b0.png Ancient Piggy-Bank by 1 piece. Piggy-banks do not drop on the ground.
  • When the pig's HP decreases to 10%, it drops 2 piggy-banks at once. When the pig dies, it drops 5 piggy-banks.
  • The pig's death is accompanied by an on-screen message.
  • If the pig is not attacked within 3 minutes, it is teleported to a random point in the zone.
  • If the pig is not killed, it despawns 30 minutes after its spawn.

When opening image.png.613cb26b215c38154874ec73e64883b0.png Ancient Piggy-Bank you can get on of the following items:

Name   Quantity Exchange/Account
93080.png Charging Stone of Random Craft - 1 Charge Sealed 1 Yes / No
92403.png Talisman of Speed Sealed 1 No / Yes
90045.png Magical Tablet 1 Yes / No
90907.png Soulshot Ticket Sealed 10 No / No
3031.png Spirit Ore Sealed 20 No / No

Item deletion

  Item Deletion date
image.png.613cb26b215c38154874ec73e64883b0.png Ancient Piggy-Bank (Time-limited) Sealed December 24 2021
image.png.d6523d708d8236dcf1bb66043de85254.png Forest of the Ancients' Time Stone (Time-limited) Sealed    December 24 2021

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