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Rafael GC

Lucky Talisman

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Promotion details

  • The promotion will last 4 weeks, from November 11 to December 9;
  • All items obtained during the promotion will remain with the players.
  • Click on the links in the item names to see their descriptions.

How to get to the location

  • The event takes place in the Primeval Isle session zone;
  • Characters level 76 and above can enter the Primeval Isle via the "Special Hunting Zones" menu on the right sidebar;
  • You can extend the time spent in the zone using the image.png.3d9ba0c2fbaaa4f098b0a701168c176b.png Time Stone, which can be purchased on a permanent basis in the L-Coin store;
  • You will need 10,000 adena to enter;
  • PvP is not available in this location.


Obtaining the Talisman of Aden

  • During the event, when hunting on the Primeval Isle, you can get image.png.92f0b52933583fe5e804e7b196edd5f4.png Talisman of Aden.
  • The talisman is assigned directly to the inventory of the character who dealt the last hit to the monster;
  • To receive the talisman, the character must have at least one free slot in the inventory;
  • The maximum number of talismans that can be obtained during the hunt in 24 hours is 10. The counter is reset every day at 6:30 am;
  • More information about the Talisman of Aden and the chance of its modification you can find in Talisman article.


  Name Description
91745.png Talisman of Aden Sealed       Contains the energy of Aden's royal family.
Can be enchanted up to +10 with Scroll: Enchant
Talisman of Aden. Activates special effects depending
on the enchant value. The enchanting is safe up to +1.
Effects of two identical talismans do not stack.

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