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Lucky Hours Fenrir & Ares

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 Event duration 

– Event will last 3 weeks: from November 5 till November 26

– On December 3, the following items will be automatically removed from players’ inventories:

 How to participate 


          Take the bag from the L2 Store.                             Click on the bag in the inventory                              Participate in the prize draw.
      (Available only for Lv. 105+ characters.)                          to receive an event buff.                                (The draw is completely automatic.)
moVu7UE4zyo.jpg.587c16677c2c9dcd1eb7b3e19728d4ef.jpg 383af32df699c131ff29ca54fd8fb0b7.png.4f9fb7c39415e44c690f0461a9567860.png e892c038a2d2c54c7e4cec11bf795096.png.612c5b88dca564bcb3a9e3d7f0c9177f.png

Be extremely careful when buying a bag! Fairy's Good Luck Bag is non tradable item. One player can only buy one bag. After the purchase, you will not be able to buy the bag even on another MA.

 Event details 

– Only for characters Lv. 105 or above.
– NPC Festival Fairy can be found in any city on a special event pedestal
– The bag is given once for the entire event, it cannot be deleted.
– The event buff does not give any bonuses and does not change the appearance of the character, it is only necessary to participate in the automatic draw.

The event buff has a number of limitations:

  • remains upon death;
  • remains upon moving to Olympiad/Ceremony of Chaos;
  • remains upon entering instance zones;
  • remains upon switching between main/dualclass;
  • remains upon logout;
  • removed after participating in duel;
  • cannot be removed manually with Alt key;
  • not replaced by other buffs;
  • not shared with the summoner's servitors.
  • if for some reason the event buff has been removed, you can get it again by clicking on the bag in the inventory.
  • the event buff has no duration and allows you to participate in the draw around the clock.


– Event interface can be opened and closed at any time using a dedicated button on the sidebar.
– The tooltip on the button also displays the current stage and the number of attempts.
– The circular indicator on the event button allows you to determine the remaining time until the end of the stage (hour).


 Prize Drawning 

  • Every hour there will be 5 attempts to draw the winner. Every attempt is marked in the event window.
  • Every attempt has a chance to draw a winner (not 100%). It may happen that no one gets the main reward.
  • Attempt time is random. If all 5 tries happened, but no winner was found, the new round will start.
  • If there's a winner, the round stops and the event continues with the start of a new hour.
  • A character has to be logged in (not in the lobby) and buffed to be eligible for the prize.
  • Every day has 24 rounds = 24 hours. New main prize every hour. At 12:00 the first round starts. At 11:00 the next day, the last 24th round of the series starts.
  • The reward is sent to the winner by mail.
  • All participants, including the winner can get Fairy's Lucky Coins in the event window if they click "Receive".
  • The coins are available only if somebody got the main prize. If the system failed to choose a winner, nobody gets the coins.
  • You can use coins anytime. (till November 25)
  • The prize draw is launched automatically with the participation of at least 50 characters of level 105 and higher.

 Reward list 
Main reward changes during the day. Remember this if you want a specific prize.

Draw time   Item Amount
from 12:00 till 19:59 36946.png Lindvior's Earring 1
  19463.png Blessed Antharas' Earring 1
  19464.png Blessed Valakas' Necklace 1
  80959.png Epic Talisman 1
  80644.png Talisman of Protection Lv. 8 1
  80931.png Greater Zodiac Agathion Cube 1
  29546.png Enhanced La Vie En Rose's Brooch 1
  48417.png Ruler's Authority - GenesisLv. 2 1
from 20:00 till 21:59 48906.png Shillien's Soul Crystal Lv. 8 1
  81672.png Ultimate Luxurious Jewelry Box Lv. 5 1
from 22:00 till 22:59 81828.png Fairy's Box: +5 Greater Agathion Charm Event 1
from 23:00 till 23:59 29917.png +10 Supreme Leviathan Armor Set Pack 1
from 00:00 till 11:59 image.png.b44bc107abf3ccf6af59387502c3cccf.png Fairy's Lucky Coin Pack Event 1

 Exchange at Festival Fairy 

  • When drawing the main prize, all participants will receive Fairy's Lucky Coin Event, they can also be obtained from Fairy's Lucky Coin Pack.
  • Fairy's Lucky Coin cannot be exchanged, dropped, sold in a private store and in the Auction House.
  • The exchange chance is 100%.

 Coin exchange: 

Item   Required
80934.png Festival Fairy's Crystal Box Event x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x15
48848.png Freya's Ice Rose Event x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x75
81011.png Honey Dark Beer Event x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x75
48857.png Glowing Dragon's Attribute Potion (XP) Event x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x50
81012.png Emperor's Special Cocktail Event x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x50
81013.png Shining Nevit's Gold Hourglass Event x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x150
81708.png *Festival Fairy's Energy Scroll Event x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x15
81870.png Superior Sapphire Lv. 10 Event x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x1 000
81869.png Superior Ruby Lv. 10 Event x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x1 000
81871.png Superior Red Cat's Eye Lv. 10 Event x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x1 000
81872.png Superior Blue Cat's Eye Lv. 10 Event x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x1 000
81646.png Festive Agathion Charm: Guardian Angel Chuchu Event x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x1 000
29771.png Vitality Maintaining Rune 3-day x1
  49783.png Fairy's Lucky Coin x1 500

81708.png *Festival Fairy's Energy Scroll Event - can be used from level 1 to 126.

 Good Luck! 

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