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Additional GameCoast services

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Sex change

You can change the gender of the character for 210 rubles, provided that there is no binding of gender to the class (for example, Kamael, Ertheia).
To do this, top up your balance with 210 rubles and make a technical support request. In the application, indicate the gender of which character (nickname) you want to change..

Name change

Changing the name of the character costs 300 rubles. You can change the nickname by going to your Personal Account on the site in the Accounts tab. Select the account you want and the nickname of the character you want to change.

The return of nicknames

Leaders of clans, groups and other prominent players can apply to technical support with a request to restore their nickname if their nickname was deliberately taken by another player solely for the purpose of name squatting. Each case is considered by technical support individually, the administration reserves the right to refuse without explanation. A re-application may be submitted no earlier than 60 days later.

Clan name Change

The character must be the head of the clan and have Change Clan Name Coupon in his inventory. The request must be from the same game account where you want to use this service. To use the service, create a request for technical support and indicate the old and the new clan name.
Please note, complete clan name change can take effect only after a scheduled restart.

Transferring items Lineage ll

The transfer service is paid-500 rubles for 10 cells. You must have sufficient funds in your Master Account. To transfer items, you need to create a request for technical support (see an example of an application below).

  • The transfer is carried out only within one Master Account and not between different Master Accounts;
  • item transfer is not carried out on Essence servers;
  • It doesn't matter how many characters there are, it will be considered a transfer by cells in your list, for example:
    • From character A to character B - 9 Daily Coins;
    • From character A to character B - 20 Daily Coins;
    • From character A to character B-102 Daily Coins.
      There are three cells. You can transfer any number of cells at a time, but transferring every 10 costs 500 rubles.
  • The items is transferring with the preservation of argumentation and enchantment;
  • Quest items and applied tattoos cannot be transferred;
  • On Main and Legacy servers, you can't transfer any kind of personal items that are given to a character, and cannot be obtained in any other way. Example: Certificate - Dual Class, Weapon / gear coupons, character gifts.
  • On the Main version servers cannot be transferred: any kind of Vitality Maintaining Runes, Birthday Present Pack (Birthday Vitality Potion, Birthday Cake and Birthday Hat). Also, Atlas Earring, Expert's Mask and Mentee's Mark cannot be carried.
    • On the Gludio server, you cannot transfer a consumable that has an Event prefix or no prefix at all. For example: Freya's Scroll of Storm Event, Freya's Ice Rose Event, etc.
  • On Legacy(Classic) servers: Red Lantern, Purple Lantern, Blue Lantern, Green Lantern, and L-Coins cannot be transferred.

Additional information:

  1. How to count cells:
    1. Example you want to transfer: Diamond Lv. 2, Garnet Lv. 1, Pearl Lv. 5; This will be 3 cells, since these items do not stack.
    2. Example You want to transfer: Spirit Ore 2000 pcs .; This will be 1 cell, since this item is stackable.
    3. Example You want to transfer: Spirit Ore 1000 pcs. from the character Avatar and Spirit Ore 2000pcs. from character Hawk. on the character Tank. This will be 2 cells, since the items are on different characters and take 1 cell each.
  2. You can move items between different characters on different game accounts at the same time, not just from the first character to the second. Then the list should clearly indicate the nicknames of the characters from which it is necessary to transfer items and nicknames of the characters on which to move it.

Application example:


Hello, please move the items from the character "Nick1" to the character "Nick2". Characters on one master account.

1. Talisman of Insanity
2. Special Resistance Earring - Confusion
3. Shiny Elemental Shirt + 10
4. Physical Reflect Shirt +10
5. Magical Reflect Shirt +10
6. Eva's Shirt +10
7. Love Potion 1625 pcs 

from the character "Nick3" to the character "Nick2"

8. Physical Reflect Shirt +10
9. Shiny Elemental Shirt +10 

from the character "Nick4" to the character "Nick1"

10. Ruby 4 lvl

The master account has 500 rubles


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