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Dear friends, in honor of the opening of the new Essence x3 (Aden) server, we decided to launch an additional promotion for you.
Everyone can take part in it, for this you just need to start a live broadcast of the game on our project.

Main Reward

Every month we will give away 30,000 rubles among the most active streamers. There are 3 prizes in total:

  • First place: 15,000 rubles for the game balance;
  • Second place: 10,000 rubles for the game balance;
  • Third place: 5000 rubles for the game balance.

Additional Reward

An additional reward will be issued to all participants who meet the conditions of the сontest every 7 days (first rewards issue on 11/05/2021)

  • image.png.cc09b01179af92578a7ae5af886b7f03.png L-Coins (15000 pcs.)
  • image.png.c0dbb772939ed97cedb0b20cae8176a4.png Sayha's Blessing (200 pcs.)
  • image.png.63b162b62eb481757d667cbba9ee4a4c.png Scroll: Boost Attack (100 pcs.)
  • image.png.d587f02af5788f8ea664b594cd9b891a.png Scroll: Boost Defense (50 pcs.)


  • Stream name must include GC Essence ;
  • Your referral link must be present in the stream description (you can take it in Personal Acoount);
  • The minimum number of hours of streaming to receive the reward is 20 hours per week;
  • The total minimum number of views per week is 500;
  • Recordings of streams must remain on the channel;
  • Platforms for launching a stream Twitch, Youtube;
  • During participation in the promotion, you should set up your chat bot and add your referral link to it;
  • Forbidden - afk streams, advertising of third-party sites, insulting the project administration;
  • Once a week, you must provide a video of streams statistics from your personal account, from Monday to Sunday inclusive. The video should be provided as shown below in the spoiler;
  • The video must be sent as a private message @AdsGC

Application form

you can send the participant's questionnaire in this thread:

  • Link to your Youtube / Twitch;
  • Your game nickname.

Streaming risks

As you have already noticed, players who stream the game on Lineage free servers started to experience problems in the form of warnings and even blocking channels for copyright infringement. According to the rules of Twitch and YouTube, they have the right to do this, but before on such a scale. Therefore, you should understand that all streams are made at your own peril and risk, and the administration of the GameCoast project is not responsible for the received "sanctions".

Good luck!

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  • Link to your Youtube / Twitch; https://www.twitch.tv/Jhensel9
  • Your game nickname; Jhe


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  • Enlace a su Youtube / Twitch; https://www.twitch.tv/nafrict
  • El apodo de tu juego; NAFRICT

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  • Link to your Youtube / Twitch; https://www.twitch.tv/medvedil87
  • Your game nickname. Medvedil87

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Link to your Youtube / Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/makoulov

Your game Nickname: KrasoKanatas


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