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Promotion details

After maintenance on 28.09.2021 in Einhasad's Store will appear Mythical Dragon Pack, from which you can get valuable rewards

Category    Product   Price      Sales Period  
   Einhasad's Store

        image.png.08862ccd59035a24e3be201fdb8a867a.png Dragon's Relic (1 pc.)

 image.png.29ee8fc2aba5663466505da23b80f0d0.png х160

   September 28 - October 12 
(2 weeks)


image.png.08862ccd59035a24e3be201fdb8a867a.png Dragon's Relic

When opening the box, you will receive image.png.a60dcf8a581989f7c43eddfc580b958f.png Scroll: Enchant Mysterious Weapon with 100% chance and one of the following items:

*Dragon's Relic is tradable item.

Mysterious Dragon Slayer Enchanting

  1. Contact the Luna NPC on the event pedestal and purchase the event sword:  bm_the_two_handed_sword_of_hero.png Mysterious Dragon Slayer for 100 000 000 Adena.
  2. Open the Einhasad's Store menu and buy a image.png.08862ccd59035a24e3be201fdb8a867a.png Dragon's Relic, from which you will get a  image.png.a60dcf8a581989f7c43eddfc580b958f.png Scroll: Enchant Mysterious Weapon (5 pcs.) with a 100% chance.
  3. Enchant the  bm_the_two_handed_sword_of_hero.png Mysterious Dragon Slayer sword to +7 and higher, equip it, and talk to the Luna NPC on the event pedestal to get your reward!

bm_the_two_handed_sword_of_hero.png Mysterious Dragon Slayer

– can be purchased from NPC Luna on the event pedestal
– Safe enchantment up to +3, maximum up to +25, however, rewards above +23 will be given as for enchant +23.
– Stones and modification tickets do not work with the event sword.
– The sword must be equipped when receiving the enchant reward.
– If the enchanting fails, the sword disappears, crystals are not issued.

Enchanting Event Sword Rewards
There are no rewards for the enchant values between +1 and +6.
– Click on the links in the item names to see their descriptions.

Deletion of items
– The following promotional items will be removed on the specified days.
– Hurry up to use them before the end of the promotion!

  Item  Deletion Date      
image.png.08862ccd59035a24e3be201fdb8a867a.png Dragon's Relic October 19, 2021
image.png.a60dcf8a581989f7c43eddfc580b958f.png Scroll: Enchant Mysterious Dragon Slayer    October 19, 2021
bm_the_two_handed_sword_of_hero.png Mysterious Dragon Slayer October 19, 2021

Good Luck!

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