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Rafael GC

Server Update: Return of The Queen Ant

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Dear friends!

Preparing for the long-awaited update Return of The Queen Ant: Part 1 for Ares and Fenrir is complete. The installation process will begin on September 6 at 15:00 Moscow time. At the same time, a required client update will become available for download in the launcher.

The approximate installation time is three hours. During this time, I will keep you informed of all current events and about the news.


This update brings a lot of content to the game. New mechanics, locations, item and skill updates - I offer you just a short list of major changes:

  • Epic boss Queen Ant has been updated: new behavior, appearance and characteristics;
  • Added Collections system - add certain items to the collection and get various effects;
  • The Wall of Argos location is now solo hunting zone for characters Lv. 115, and The Cemetery - Lv. 117;
  • Added new daily hunting zones such as Crystal Prison, Ashen Shadow Revolutionaries and Nightmare Kamaloka for characters Lv. 110 and above.

This is just a summary of the main changes, the full list is available in the official list.

New settings

In addition to the update, we are announcing new settings for the Fenrir and Ares servers. All Ares innovations will now be available on Fenrir: fortresses missions, a drop of Einhasad's Golden Coins from RB and bonuses for receiving hero status. We will describe a few more important changes below:

  • Amount of Einhasad's Golden Coins dropped from RB has been increased by 25%
  • The number of Dragon Claws from dragons has been doubled: now you will receive from each dragon from 2 to 14 claws at a time;
  • Zariche's and Akamanah's boxes now drop doubled amount of blood.

Helios weapon, which we gave out to all new players, has completely lost its relevance. After the update, all newbie weapons will be replaced with new Bloody Krishna Weapons +15. Soul Stones buffs and attribute
Lv. 9 have been added to each weapon.

All of these changes are preliminary and can be changed untill installing the update.

Events and promotions

New version of «Red Libra» will be launched on Fenrir and Ares servers. You have the opportunity to change your main class using the Stone of Destiny and exchange your Dragon Weapon (Fragment) for any similar one.
Other events and promotions are in preparation, in the near future we will publish all the details.

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