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Rafael GC

Ancient Kingdom Cloaks

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Dear friends! After the maintenance on August 19, Ancient Kingdom Cloaks  will become available on the Ares server in the Einhasad's Store.
The discounted product category will also be available on the Fenrir server.

Permanent items

Item   Required
28588.png Ferios Cloak x1
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x800
28587.png Elmore Cloak x1
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x800
28586.png Aden Cloak x1
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x800
28585.png Elmoreden Cloak x1
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x800
28593.png Scroll: Enchant Cloak x1
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x400
28594.png Scroll: Enchant Cloak - Legendary x1
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x600
28597.png Cloak Augmenting Stone - Ancient Kingdom x1
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x80
28601.png Cloak Augmenting Stone - Ferios x1
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x200
28600.png Cloak Augmenting Stone - Elmore x1
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x200
28599.png Cloak Augmenting Stone - Aden x1
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x200
28598.png Cloak Augmenting Stone - Elmoreden x1
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x200
28596.png Legendary Scroll x1
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x4 000

Temporary kits

A temporary category has been added to the Einhasad's Store, which includes bundles of scrolls and Enchantment Stones at discounted prices. The category will be available until September 1, upon completion, the boxes from it will be transferred to the permanent ones, but already without a discount.

Item   Required
20852.png Cloak Enchant Scroll Pack x75
Scroll: Enchant Cloak (75 pcs.)
Scroll: Enchant Ancient Cloak (2 pcs.)
Stable Scroll: Enchant Cloak (1 pc.)
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x24 000
20852.png Legendary Enchant Scroll Pack x50
*Ancient Cloak (Legendary) Scroll Pack (50 pcs.)
Scroll: Enchant Ancient Cloak (3 pcs.)
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x24 000
20852.png Ultimate Legendary Scroll Pack x100
*Ancient Cloak (Legendary) Scroll Pack (100 pcs.)
Stable Scroll: Enchant Legendary Cloak (1 pc.)
Stable Scroll: Enchant Cloak (1 pc.)
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x48 000
28596.png Legendary Scroll x5
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x17 000
28596.png Legendary Scroll x10
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x32 000
28597.png Cloak Augmenting Stone - Ancient Kingdom x50
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x3 200
28598.png Cloak Augmenting Stone - Elmoreden x20
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x3 200
28599.png Cloak Augmenting Stone - Aden x20
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x3 200
28600.png Cloak Augmenting Stone - Elmore x20
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x3 200
28601.png Cloak Augmenting Stone - Ferios x20
  48472.png Night Goblin's Coin x3 200

*When opening bm_freya_gift_box.png Ancient Cloak (Legendary) Scroll Pack, you will receive g_bm_cloak_enchant_scroll_legend.png Scroll: Enchant Cloak - Legendary or image.png.11ddac157189a84334fe644075784dfb.png Stable Scroll: Enchant Legendary Cloak with certain chance.

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