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Rafael GC

Forgotten Treasure

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A new item has appeared in the Einhasad's Store - Forgotten Treasure. When opening it, you will receive not only valuable items, but also pure gold bars,
which the Game Assistant will gladly exchange for various useful items.

Promotion details

  • On the July 14, a special Forgotten Treasure will appear in the Einhasad's Store.
Category          Product Price     Sales Period  
Einhasad's Store

          image.png.d86f71743030f22ec7acc7009405101d.png Forgotten Treasure   

  bm_einhasad_coin.png Einhasad's Golden Coinх160      July 14 - August 4
     (3 weeks)
  • Click on the links to see the item properties and restrictions.

Chest contents

image.png.1aaba19f898cf5c9493d685cfa3a65e5.png Forgotten Treasure
When you open the chest, you will receive Shiny Gold Bar Box with a 100% chanсe and one of the following items:

ev_charge_box.png Shiny Gold Bar Box
When you open the chest, you will receive one of the following items:

Exchange via Game Assistant

Item   Required
39720.png Freya's Luck Potion x3
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x50
17526.png Scroll: Enchant R-grade Weapon x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x8
17527.png Scroll: Enchant R-grade Armor x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x3
23782.png Giant's Lucky Enchant Stone: R-grade Armor x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x95
23781.png Giant's Lucky Enchant Stone: R-grade Weapon x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x95
23646.png High-grade Lucky Enchant Stone: R-grade Weapon x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x80
23647.png High-grade Lucky Enchant Stone: R-grade Armor x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x80
29165.png High-grade Cloak Augmenting Stone - Ancient Kingdom x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x240
29166.png High-grade Cloak Augmenting Stone - Elmoreden x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x600
29167.png High-grade Cloak Augmenting Stone - Aden x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x600
29168.png High-grade Cloak Augmenting Stone - Elmore x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x600
29169.png High-grade Cloak Augmenting Stone - Ferios x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x600
28595.png Scroll: Ancient Cloak - Legendary x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x800
48668.png Scroll: Enchant Angel Accessory x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x10
29676.png Glittering Freya's Scroll of Storm x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x30
29677.png Glittering Freya's Ice Rose x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x30
36515.png Elcyum x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x80
48497.png Glowing Dragon's Attribute Potion EXP x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x20
29379.png Peeves' Purple Potion x1
  29204.png Shiny Gold Bar x65

Items Deletion

Item      Deletion Date   
image.png.d86f71743030f22ec7acc7009405101d.png Forgotten Treasure August 11 2021
29204.png Shiny Gold Bar August 11 2021
29529.png Shiny Gold Bar Box August 11 2021

Good Luck!

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