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Rafael GC

Tarot Game Update

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Dear friends, today we present to your attention an update of the Fortune Teller's Eve assortment for Fenrir and Ares servers.

Regular Game

*When opening event_hero_treasure_box_i00.png Epic Accessory Pack you will receive one of the following items:

Premium Game

Item   Amount
48983.png Artifact - P. Skill Power Balance 1
48984.png Artifact - M. Skill Power Balance 1
48862.png +10 Fallen Angel's Ring Pack 1
47216.png Ruler's Ring of Authority 1
47218.png Ring of the Truth-Seeker 1
80959.png Epic Talisman 1
80334.png Dragon's Earring 1
80958.png Sealed Heavenly Talisman 1
80335.png Dragon's Ring 1
80333.png Dragon's Necklace 1
81453.png Improved Rune Stone 1
48912.png Gran Kain's Scroll: Enchant R-grade Weapon 1
48418.png Authority Ornament 1
48576.png Superior Seed Bracelet Lv. 3 1
48906.png Shillien's Soul Crystal Lv. 8 1
35564.png Ruler's Authority 1
80502.png Gran Kain's Scroll: Enchant R-grade Armor 1
48995.png +5 Dragon Rind Leather Shirt Box 1
39649.png Venir's Talisman Lv. 16 1
48323.png Divine Zodiac Agathion's Book of Growth 1
80931.png Cube of Enhanced Zodiac Agathion 1
29469.png Shiny Gem's Energy 2
80932.png Greater Zodiac Agathion's Book of Growth 2
80698.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Shaper 1
80699.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Cutter 1
80700.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Slasher 1
80701.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Avenger 1
80702.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Fighter 1
80703.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Stormer 1
80704.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Thrower 1
80705.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Shooter 1
80706.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Buster 1
80707.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Caster 1
80708.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Retributer 1
80709.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Dual Swords 1
80710.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Dual Daggers 1
80711.png Bloodthirsty Zariche Dual Blunt Weapon 1
80859.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Shaper 1
80860.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Cutter 1
80861.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Slasher 1
80862.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Avenger 1
80863.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Fighter 1
80864.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Stormer 1
80865.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Thrower 1
80866.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Shooter 1
80867.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Buster 1
80868.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Caster 1
80869.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Retributer 1
80870.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Dual Swords 1
80871.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Dual Daggers 1
80872.png Bloodthirsty Akamanah Dual Blunt Weapon 1


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