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Rafael GC

New server Homunculus Part 2 - x10

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Dear friends, today we have great news - we are ready to announce the opening of a new main version server with a base rate x10. The server is based on the official platform of the Homunculus Part 2 version.

Rates and basic server settings in more detail:

  • EXP: x10;
  • SP: x10;
  • Adena: x7;
  • The Grand Olympiad and the first sieges will be announced a month after the opening.
  • At first time the Grand Olympiad will be held separately from Fenrir x10.

All functions that are available on the Fenrir x10 server will be available on the new server:

  • All players can use offline trading - «.offtrade»;
  • The command «.ex», which allows you to transfer the item «L2Store Coin» to the balance of your account;
  • The command «.exp [on / off]» allows you to block the gain of experience.

We have made every effort to ensure that the server is as comfortable as possible for any player, regardless of his style of play. Given the huge variety of content in the current chronicles, a number of measures have been taken to make it easier to achieve medium and high character level.

All new characters on the server from the first day will receive the Blessed Exalted Armor absolutely free of charge, including accessories and additional items that will make the start for each player as comfortable as possible.

The Einhasad's Store, which includes a different assortment of goods, will be available on the server. The Einhasad's Golden Coins required for purchases will drop from Raid Bosses, issued for completing clan missions, it can be traded, sold and bought from other players, and it is also available for purchase in L2Store. A preliminary assortment and a description of the store are available in this topic.

The spawn time of all Raid Bosses, including epic ones, has been reduced. Raid Bosses appear more often and all players have the opportunity to fight for them.

Work on the server continues: we will constantly update this topic, supplementing it with information about all the necessary game aspects, including new opportunities for obtaining game content, events, promotions and other. We will be glad to consider all your suggestions and wishes.

The opening will take place on May 14 at 18:00 (GMT+2). This time, the opening will take place without a preliminary OBT, - the server uses stable and proven chronicles, which each player can see by going to Fenrir x10.

Note the following:

We will be glad to meet each of you at the opening!

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Posted (edited)

I know you follow current official chronicles and I know the chronicle is decided but my only suggestion would be to open Helios like back in 2016 but x3 max. it was populated and more fun. now the only fun is to be permanently on auto-farm.

ps: Will there be open beta test server ?

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finally after so much waiting!

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there will be a NA proxy ?

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