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Equal exchange

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Event details

After maintenance on 05.04.2021 in L2 Store will appear Barter Package, from which you can get useful items and coins for exchange with the Game Assistant!





Sales Period


?item=60012 Barter Package (1 pc.)

20 RUB.


April 05 – April 19 (2 weeks)

?item=60012 Barter Package
When opening the box, you will receive ev_charge_box.png Barter Coin Chest with 100% chance and one of the following items:

ev_charge_box.png Barter Coin Chest
When opening the box, you will receive from 1 to 5000 ?item=29977 Barter Coin's

Coin exchange with Game Assistant
– ?item=29977 Barter Coins can be exchanged with the Game Assistant for epic accessories, items for improvement, artifact chests and much more!
– Exchange period: April 05 — June 03
– Exchange rate: 100%.


Received Item

Required Item

g_cash_fortuna_box_r.png Freya's Bloody Rune Pack (2-hour) (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (1 pcs.)

accessory_earring_of_lind_i00.png Lindvior's Earring (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (450 pcs.)

?item=19464 Blessed Valakas' Necklace (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (550 pcs.)

longing_talisman_energy.png Energy of Longing (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (32 pcs.)

?item=29469 Shiny Gem's Energy (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (11 pcs.)

etc_toenail_dragon.png Dragon Claw (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (100 pcs.)

?item=36186 Energy of Desire (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (13 pcs.)

belt_rulers_authority.png Ruler's Authority Lv. 1 (1 pcs.)      

?item=29977 Barter Coin (240 pcs.)

bm_ensoul_stone_shilen_box.png Shillien's Soul Crystal Box (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (8 pcs.)

?item=39641 Venir's Talisman Lv. 8 (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (6 pcs.)

g_bm_jewel_piece.png Wondrous Shard (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (1 pcs.)

star_scrl_of_ench_ag_2.png Greater Zodiac Agathion's Book of Growth (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (50 pcs.)

bm_blessed_jewel.png Jewel Energy (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (11 pcs.)

image.png.b22378a144edea313dad3ca6742c6d04.png +8 Attack Artifact Pack (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (1600 pcs.)

image.png.38566c80bb734526f5136b57f1c65398.png +8 Defense Artifact Pack (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (960 pcs.)

image.png.a00532dd7fab298f039821243684e9b1.png +8 Support Artifact Pack (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (960 pcs.)

image.png.240a443ed05a804b2114f0bc14329520.png +8 Balance Artifact Pack (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (1600 pcs.)

image.png.241cd36b5013cf399a1711edf7290f0a.png +3 Attack Artifact Pack (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (64 pcs.)

image.png.ced4f706e4b95e738f7a79ea9b93ceaf.png +3 Defense Artifact Pack (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (64 pcs.)

image.png.0cdfc8a8a1da57b0f93bfb0611a18662.png +3 Support Artifact Pack (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (64 pcs.)

image.png.68acfb3b094f6b2e1f91598401cad85c.png +3 Balance Artifact Pack (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (64 pcs.)

?item=47464 Appearance Stone: White Assassin Suit (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (160 pcs.)

soulshot_r_i00.png Mysterious R-grade Soulshot (78000 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (1 pcs.)

blessed_spiritshot_r_i00.png Mysterious Blessed R-grade Spiritshot (26000 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (1 pcs.)

?item=47464 Red Assassin Suit Appearance Stone (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (160 pcs.)

?item=47464 Blue Assassin Suit Appearance Stone (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (160 pcs.)

?item=47464 Pink Assassin Suit Appearance Stone (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (160 pcs.)

?item=47464 Appearance Stone: Dark Assassin Suit (1 pcs.)

?item=29977 Barter Coin (160 pcs.)

Deletion of items

The following promotional items will be removed on the specified days.
Use them before the end of the promotion!

Deletion Type

Item Name

Deletion Date



?item=60012 Barter Package

June 03 2021 

ev_charge_box.png Barter Coin Chest

June 03 2021  

?item=29977 Barter Coin

June 03 2021  

All other items obtained during the promotion will remain with the players.

Good Luck!

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