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Rafael GC

Letter by Letter

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Dear friends! After the upcoming maintenance of the Fenrir x10 server, the "Letter by Letter" event, known to all players, will begin. Over the next two weeks, you will have to collect words from letters that you will receive while hunting monsters.

The event will last from 05.04.2021 to 19.04.2021, it will be available to all players Lv. 100 and above. A list of items which be removed upon completion is available at the end of the topic.

Basic conditions
During the entire event, monsters of level 100 and above will drop various letters, to get a random prize you need to collect one of the following words: LINEAGEII, TOGETHER or NCSOFT.

  • Letters do not drop out of Raid Bosses and their minions;
  • There is a penalty for dropping letters when killing monsters well below your level;
  • Letters can be exchanged, dropped and sold;
  • Premium subscription, Vitality system and Maphr's Rune do not affect event item drop rate.

During the day, different variations of the drop rate are available, the time is indicated  is Moscow time:

  • 00:00 – 10:00 - drop probability x1;
  • 10:00 – 18:00 - drop probability x4;
  • 18:00 – 00:00 - drop probability x8.

Important: the probability of getting letters directly depends on the number of players who simultaneously kill monsters. As a rule, this means that the chance of getting letters in the evening, during peak online, is more difficult than in the morning, when there are fewer players. Thanks to the time-based drop rate system, this effect should be felt to a lesser extent.

A special interface is available to all players in the game. To turn in the collected words, click on the "Letter Collector" button:


Choose one of the words and click "Reward":


Depending on the word you choose, you will receive one random prize:


Dragon Weapon Pack (Advanced)	
Dragon's Ring	
Dragon's Earring	
Dragon's Necklace	
Dragon Claw	
Hidden Secret Book	
Superior Giant's Codex - Mastery Chapter 1	
Superior Giant's Codex - Mastery	
Peeves' Purple Potion	
Tempest Stone	
Freya's Dark Rune Pack (2-hour)	
Freya's Bloody Rune Pack (2-hour)	
Superior Giant's Codex - Chapter 1	
Elcyum Crystal	
Lucky Growth Scroll	
Shining Nevit's Gold Hourglass	
Wondrous Shard	
Superior Giant's Codex	
Freya's Ice Rose	
Freya's Scroll of Storm	
Crystal of Determination	


+10 Fallen Angel's Ring Pack	
Shillien's Soul Crystal Lv. 8	
Sayha's Talisman Pack Lv. 10	
Epic Talisman	
Ruler's Authority	
Royal Black Save Ticket	
Royal Gold Save Ticket	
Authority Ornament	
Circlet Augmenting Stone	
Energy of Protection	
Jewel Energy	
Star Sign	
Rune Stone	
Artifact Crystal	
Talisman of Wind Pack	
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Artifact Book	
Honey Vitality Beer	
Scroll: Enchant Superior Seed Bracelet	
Freya's Charisma Potion	
Emperor's Vitality Tonic	
Mysterious Blessed R-grade Spiritshot (10000 pcs.)
Mysterious R-grade Soulshot (10000 pcs.)
Package: Feather of Blessing (1 pc.)	



Dragon Weapon Pack (Standard)	
+10 Eternal Light Armor Capsule	
+10 Eternal Robe Capsule	
+10 Eternal Heavy Armor Capsule	
Dragon Weapon Augmenting Stone	
Gran Kain's Scroll: Enchant R-grade Armor	
Gran Kain's Scroll: Enchant R-grade Weapon	
Forgotten Spellbook	
Crystal of Dawn	
Crystal of Dyes	
Shillien's Soul Crystal Box	
Artifact Fragment	
Freya's Ice Rose	
Lucky Growth Scroll	
Honey Vitality Beer	
Freya's Scroll of Storm	
Freya's Luck Potion	
Elcyum Crystal	
Emperor's Vitality Tonic	
Crystal of Protection	

Items deletion
The following items will be removed at the end of the event:
All event letters will be removed on 26.04.2021, along with disabling the interface.

Good Luck!

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