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[Event] Special Training

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12/31/2020 - 01/31/21

The Ebon Hunting Grounds, located in the Ebon Realm, is an event zone that will be open all hours of the day that can be accessed by approaching the Ebondrake Illusionist by Cardinal Gates in the South District of Zaiwei. A new feature, auto-hunting, is also available only in this event zone.

Ebon Blooms are the currency for this event, and they’ll be a challenge to get as you compete with other players in PvP combat!

Ebon Blooms can be exchanged with Dragon Trader Asimjin in the initial landing area of the Ebon Realm for the following items:

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Call to Arms

It’s a call to arms! We’re arming new, returning, and current players with high-tier upgradable equipment to be used on your main or alternate characters.

Unlock Armory Chests

Through the course of this event, you’ll work towards unlocking 12 stages of the Armory Chest. Each stage offers unique materials and equipment.

To get started, you’ll need to  to get the "Armory Chest – Stage 1" in the Store (F10):

The Armory Chest is only available once per account so be sure to pick up the chest on the appropriate character you want the items and equipment on.

Opening Armory Chest - Stage 1 will provide the following items:

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There are a total of 12 stages, and unlocking all stages will grant these items:

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With the exception of the Armory Chest - Stage 1, each subsequent stage has an 18 hour cooldown and will require a unique key to open. Event Remnants which are required to purchase keys, can be earned through Daily and Weekly Challenges as well as through other means:

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Dragon Express

You can purchase Armory Keys (Stage 2 through 12) in the Dragon Express using Remnants and other required materials.  You can also use Remnants to purchase Call of Arms Tokens. The costs for these items are as follows:

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Any spare Remnants you acquire can be turned into Call to Arms Tokens, which in turn can be used to purchase these items from the Dragon Express.

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Dark Dragon Illusion

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You need to use the portal of the Illusion of the Dragon of Darkness, which is located in the guild of priests in the southern quarter of Kanre.

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Пройти через портал могут только персонажи 60+.

  • PvP mode available;
  • Auto hunting;
  • Resurrection in Fishermen's Village (battles are not available in this location).

With a certain probability you can get Dark Shards from ordinary monsters, and from elite monsters you can get the Dark Dragon's Illusion Chest, in which there are as many as 150 of these fragments. They can be exchanged for rewards.


Good luck, my friend!

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