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Anyone have any good memories of Lineage 2?

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Hey all,


So I played Lineage 2 back in 2004-2007 (sometime in those years) and I was just curious if anyone has any good memories of playing this game? Sadly, I dont see much positive talk about it or no one has ever heard of the game.


I played on Bartz as a Hawkeye named Azzazer. I was around lvl 52 when I quit the game.


I can remember in one of the larger cities, maybe it was Giran?, their was a female dwarf who hung out in the church. The player would roll dice and you took bets on what the dice would roll on. At first I thought it was a scam but it turned out to be legit and it helped me earn a good amount of adena.


I also remember being a noob running around the dark elf areas and I ran into a player who showed me he had 500k adena. I thought he was so cool and was the most adena I ever saw in this game.


During the end of my playing I was involved with a guild, I cant remember name, but we did raids, grinded and just had a good time playing the game. I can remember one day we all joined the guiild leader in the catacombs and were having a good time on vent. he eventually signed off and we never heard from him again. We all speculated what may have happened but I hope he is ok.


Anyone else have some memories of the good old Lineage 2 days.

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