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Found 9 results

  1. Dear friends, we present to your attention an additional competition for all clans that will come to play at Ares x10. One of the most important game components of Lineage II is PvP battles between clans, and often the brightest battles take place on castle sieges. We will talk about two key castles: Aden and Giran. The clan leader whose clan can capture one of these castles gets a really nice prize. Moreover, prizes are provided for two subsequent holdings of the castle: Aden Castle: capture of the castle and each subsequent hold (no more than two inclusive) is rewarded in the amount of 20,000 rubles. Giran Castle: capture of the castle and each subsequent hold (no more than two inclusive) is rewarded in the amount of 15,000 rubles. In total, for the capture of Aden and for two successful defenses of the castle, the clan leader will receive 60,000 rubles, or 45,000 rubles for Giran. The hold is considered successful only in the case of continuous possession of the castle. Of course, the winner can request a prize not in real equivalent, but for the game balance, then the bonus amount is doubled. Good luck to all participants!
  2. Dear friends, I invite you to take part in the first small contest, namely: to contribute to the formation of a new server and help us come up with a name for it. The requirements for the name are as simple as possible: it should be simple, both in spelling and pronunciation. It is highly preferable that the semantic component of the new name refers the players to Scandinavian mythology. There are three prizes: the player whose name we will use for the server will receive 10,000 rubles for the game balance. We will choose two more additional winners who will receive 5,000 and 3,000 rubles, respectively. Each participant can only suggest one title. If it happens that we do not find a suitable option from all the proposed ones, the winners for the second and third places will be appointed. The contest starts right now, your options must be published in this thread. The end of the contest will take place in a week, on April 29, or earlier if we see uniquely suitable options.
  3. Dear friends, soon there will be the start of our new server Fenrir x5 and in advance of the opening, we are announcing the second stage of the streamers support program. Last time it gathered many participants and we, in turn, gave a lot of prizes. If you are a beginner or experienced streamer, or just planning to start streaming your favorite game, it's a great opportunity for you to start and get valuable prizes. Conditions This time the main streaming platform is YouTube. To get to the list of participants you need to publish your game nickname and a link to the channel in this topic. Moreover, there are several additional requirements: The title of your broadcast should contain the name of our complex "GameCoast"; The description of broadcast must contain a link to our site; All broadcasts must remain on the channel, up to the date of the contest end. The support program is divided into several stages, each of which lasts one week. The number of stages is unlimited and the program will be extended until it is interesting to its participants. At the end of each stage, we'll publish the list of winners in this topic and they need to contact us to get their prizes. The main criteria for the number of winners are quality of content and activity of the audience. There are no hard selection criteria, any thing can play into your hands and lead to victory. The list of participants is also posted in this topic under a special spoiler and it will always be updated during the contest. If the streamer did not participate in one of the stages, i.e. did not make streams on these dates, he/she will be removed from the list and should apply for participation again. Rewards Weekly we will choose the winners and give them one of these three prizes: First place: 6,000 rubles or 12,000 rubles to the Master Account balance; Second place: 4,000 rubles or 8,000 rubles to the Master Account balance; Third place: 2,000 rubles or 4,000 rubles to the account of Master Account balance. Of course, we can add additional nominations, for example, the audience award. But without worthy participants for all tree rewards the list of prizes on a certain week could be reduced. Contest period The first stage will begin on January 22 and end on January 29. We will summarize and publish a list of winners on the forum on February 1. And the second stage begins immediately after the completion of the first. The first stage completed. The second stage began on January 30 and ends on February 5. A list of winners will be published on February 8. The third stage began on February 6 and ends on February 12. A list of winners will be published on February 15. It would be the last stage of this competition. List of participants Good luck!
  4. Dear friends, summer is the best time for outdoors games. We suggest you to take part in such games on the open spaces of Lineage II, as in the once popular contest - drawing with a drop. So, let's move on to the details. Your goal is to make a drawing by throwing items on the ground. You can draw whatever you want, but the most important thing is that image has to be beautiful and be done by yourself, does not offend other participants of the game. After that you need to publish a screenshot of your work in a special topic. The competition will take place from July 22 to August 6. After that the administration will choose three winners. Of course, we will take into account the number of "Like this" under each work, so do not hesitate and vote. Now the most pleasant - prizes. There are only three winning places: First place: 10 000 rubles to account; Second place: 5 000 rubles to account; Third place: 3 000 rubles to account. Post your works and discuss it in this topic, all other discussions in the topic for the works will be stopped by the administration, and violators will receive appropriate penalties. Good luck!
  5. Dear players, it is a pleasant to inform you about our new contest. Today, on 1st December, we started the contest at the end of which 10,000 rubles will be raffled off! We are happy to tell you about the end of our contest. Congratulations to all our winners! Good luck!
  6. Dear players, we know that you really like to participate in the life of our beloved game complex, discuss its improvements and get the first places in various competitions with your amazing creative work. This time you are faced with a very responsible and important task - create a name for the new Lineage II: Classic server. In this case, of course, you will have several restrictions, within which it is necessary to create a truly memorable name for the server. We are happy to inform you who is the winner and what will be the name of our Classic x7 server - it is "Thor" and the winner is Grazdo. Good luck!
  7. Dear friends, here you can post your works and discuss it with each other. Good luck and have a great summer time!
  8. Hello, to heighten your interest before the start of Helmheil and to benefit the whole server, we offer you a contest "Invite Friends - Get Bonuses". The main goal of the competition is to invite as many friends, fellows and ordinary players as possible.We offer 3 nominations for participation in which you can get very pleasant bonuses. Invite your friends Most of us have a lot of friends or acquaintances which are directly related to our hobbies. We offer you to invite the maximum number of your friends on the server via a conference in one of the most popular instant messengers (Skype, for example). Rewards and conditions: You should create a conference in one of popular messenger; The number of participants should not be less 70 people; You should send invites to a complex message with a link; Screenshots of conference with message and a few of answers should be sent to [email protected] with the theme "Messenger" and your master account; Reward: bonus to your account, equal to the number of users invited to the conference (but not more than 150 bonuses); Invite your friends and players through forums and groups You can invite new members through a lot of different thematic forums, groups, social networks and other communities . Successful inviting can attract a lot of players. We offer you to take one of our ready to use texts and images, but you can use your own one too. The remuneration and conditions: At least 20 publications in various communities; As a confirmation will be a screenshots containing visible browser address bar; Screenshots should be sent to [email protected] with the theme of "Community" and your Master Account. Prize: everyone who satisfy the conditions of competition, will receive a reward of 50 bonus points. Suggest your own version of user invitation Moreover, we are always open to new and creative ideas and will be glad to any of you. Come up with effective way to invite new players, show it and get a generous reward from us The prize bonus at the discretion of the administration; Confirmation: send to [email protected] with the topic "Adventure" and your Master Account ; Contest duration The contest will last until November 3, the prizes will be given during the entire competition. Do not forget to indicate your login, sending letters to the post office [email protected] You can't participate in one nomination twice.
  9. Dear players, we want to inform you about our new telegram contest. On 4th of December was started the contest which has 10,000 rubles of prize pool! We are happy to tell you about the end of our contest. Congratulations to all our winners! You can check the list of winners on GameCoast telegram channel. Good luck!