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  1. We have prepared a small event-marathon for a 5 weeks, which is dedicated to the Classic server update. During this period, you can get very nice prizes and L-Coins! Event Period The event will take place from 09.03.2020 to 13.04.2020 (5 weeks). All rewards you receive during the event will remain with your characters after the event ends. Event Details This time, we are starting the login event on our Classic servers, each stage of which will be completed with L-Coins. Note, that there are 4 sets of awards, and after the fourth week ends event will be restarted with the first week's reward. The following rules apply for participation: The event is available for characters of all levels and professions. You can get reward daily only on one character from the particular game account. A character needs to stay in game for 30 minutes to obtain reward. The time spent on the character selection screen does not count, so you have to enter the game. If you close the client, you will need to spend a whole 30 minutes in game from the very beginning. The counter for the login event is reset every morning at 06:30 (+3 UTC). You can't get a reward if you exceed the weight limit or the number of inventory cells. Remember, that for every missed event day you will got one less reward from the general list. So if you passed one day, the next time you enter the game, you will receive a next reward in the line. For example, if you missed Thursday and entered the game on Friday, then your reward will be the item assigned to Thursday and so on. Rewards First-week Second week Third week Fourth week Good luck!
  2. Complete your one-time quest Beginning of Adventure and get Aden Talisman. Don`t hesitate and be ready to enchant your new talisman. Offer Details The Aden Talisman can be obtained from the Beginning of Adventure quest and the game store. The Aden Talisman, Aden Talisman Enchant Scrolls, and the Aden Talisman Package cannot be traded or dropped. Beginning of Adventure Quest The Beginning of Adventure (one-time) quest is made for characters with levels 20-25, but, also, it can be completed by any character above level 20. Quest Start NPC: Bathis (Town of Gludio) Quest Requirements: Level 20 or higher Objective: Hunt 300 monsters in Ruins of Agony Quest Rewards: 500,000 XP 12,500 SP Aden Talisman Aden Talisman Enchant Scroll Adventurer's Bracelet Advanced Scroll of Escape (x10) Store Items Item Contains Price Restrictions Aden Talisman Enchant Package 1 Aden Talisman 10 Aden Talisman Enchant Scrolls 250 -- Aden Talisman 1 Aden Talisman 10 Limited to one per account VIP Tier 3+ Status required Enchanting the Aden Talisman The Aden Talisman can be enchanted to +10. Use the Aden Talisman Enchant Scroll to enchant the Aden Talisman. In order to equip the Aden Talisman, you must have a Bracelet equipped on your character. The Talisman is only safe to enchant up to +1 and may fail when enchanting to +2 or higher. Failing to enchant the Aden Talisman will consume the Enchant Scroll and destroy the Talisman. Level Stats 0 -- 1 P. Def. +5, M. Def. +5, Atk. Spd. +10, Casting Spd. +10, Max HP +100, Max MP +30. 2 P. Def. +10, M. Def. +10, Atk. Spd. +12, Casting Spd. +12, Max HP +120, Max MP +50. 3 P. Def. +15, M. Def. +20, Atk. Spd. +15, Casting Spd. +15, Max HP +150, Max MP +70. 4 P. Def. +20, M. Def. +30, Atk. Spd. +20, Casting Spd. +20, Max HP +180, Max MP +100, XP/SP Gain +10%. 5 P. Atk. +50, M. Atk. +100, P. Def. +30, M. Def. +40, Atk. Spd. +25, Casting Spd. +25, Max HP +220, Max MP +130, XP/SP Gain +15%. 6 P. Atk. +80, M. Atk. +150, P. Def. +40, M. Def. +60, Atk. Spd. +40, Casting Spd. +45, Max HP +260, Max MP +160, XP/SP Gain +20%. 7 P. Atk. +135, M. Atk. +250, P. Def. +60, M. Def. +80, Atk. Spd. +70, Casting Spd. +75, Max HP +520, Max MP +320, XP/SP Gain +50%. 8 P. Atk. +180, M. Atk. +360, P. Def. +80, M. Def. +120, Atk. Spd. +80, Casting Spd. +95, Max HP +640, Max MP +360, XP/SP Gain +50%. 9 P. Atk. +225, M. Atk. +420, P. Def. +120, M. Def. +160, Atk. Spd. +90, Casting Spd. +110, Max HP +910, Max MP +430, XP/SP Gain +50%. 10 P. Atk. +270, M. Atk. +490, P. Def. +160, M. Def. +200, Atk. Spd. +100, Casting Spd. +125, Max HP +1120, Max MP +530, XP/SP Gain +50%. Good luck!
  3. Dear players, we are happy to present to your attention a remarkable innovation of this update - the transformation system. This new functionality was created to bring more vivid colors to the Lineage II, but also to make your characters powerful, stronger and faster! Transformation Interface You can open the transformation system menu from the "Transformation" button in the game settings panel. There are 5 different levels of transformations that can be acquired. Standard Advanced Rare Legendary Mythic A transformation can give you added boosts and stats when used depending on the transformation level. Each transformation has a 15 minute Duration with a 2-3 hour cooldown. The Standard/Advanced/Rare transformations have 2 hour cooldowns, while the Legendary/Mythic transformations have a 3 hour cooldown. The duration and cooldowns of transformations can be increased when you collect multiple sets of transformations in your collection. Transformations can be acquired by exchanging x10 Transformation Sealbook Fragments with Pona in Giran for 1 Standard Transformation Sealbook. The Transformation Sealbook Fragments can be earned by completing Daily Hunting Missions (1 fragment per day). You can also obtain Random Transformation Sealbooks by opening Hardin's Magic Bag. To add a Transformation to your character, you must first open the Standard Transformation Sealbook to receive a specific Transform Sealbook and then Imprint it in the menu below. Transformations of the same level/type can be stacked and collected for evolving or extraction. Transformations can only be used when Magic Powder is present in your inventory. Magic Powder can be purchased from Pona in Giran for 1,000 Adena each. The amount of Magic Powder required to use a transformation varies depending on the level of transformation. Level Magic Powder Requirement Standard 15 Advanced 15 Rare 20 Legendary 20 Mythic 30 Evolve Transformations Transformations can be upgraded to higher levels by spending other Transformations of the same level to evolve your selected Transformation to the next stage. A transformation that is already in use on the character will automatically be removed if the transformation used for the Evolve process. Level Upgrade Required Transformation Quantity Standard=>Advanced 10 Advanced=>Rare 10 Rare=>Legendary 6 Legendary=>Mythic 3 Transformation Extraction You can extract a Transformation by exchanging a certain amount of Transformations Extract Scrolls (amount required varies by transformation level) and a 1,000,000 Adena fee. The extracted transformation will be removed from your transformation list and turned back into a specific Sealbook of the same type/level to your inventory, which can be traded or sold to other players. The transformation extraction process has a 100% success rate. A transformation that is already in use on the character will automatically be removed if the transformation is extracted. Level Transformation Extract Scroll Requirement Adena Standard 10 1,000,000 Advanced 20 1,000,000 Rare 30 1,000,000 Legendary 40 1,000,000 Mythic 50 1,000,000 Transformation Collection There are 12 collection sets that can give a special stat boost or skill when multiple transformations are imprinted on your character. You are able to choose one activation effect to apply, and it takes 10 minutes of cooldown time to change one effect to another. Collect the following transformations to receive these stat boosts/skills: Collecting multiple transformation sets will also give special bonus effects that apply to all transformations. Accumulated bonus effects increase depending on the number of completed collections. Transformation Cooldown is reduced by 2.5% when reaching 2/4/6/8/10/12 collection completions and are added up (up to 15% reduction upon collecting all 12). Transformation duration increased by 5%-7.5% when reaching 1/3/5/7/9/11 collection completions and are added up (up to 42.5% upon collecting all 12). Attribute XP +10%, Attribute Damage +15 when reaching 4/8/12 collection completions and are added up (Attribute XP +30% max, Attribute Damage +45 max upon collecting all 12). Hide Settings for Transformation You can use an option in the Settings section under the Screen Information tab to hide your transformation or other player's transformations if you wish to see only the original armor designs for L2. Good luck!
  4. Дорогие друзья, сегодня у нас есть действительно отличные новости: мы готовы представить вашему вниманию обновление серверов Lineage II: Classic до версии Secret of Empire. Следуя важнейшим традициям нашего комплекса, новое обновление полностью соответствует официальным серверам, а также включает в себя все актуальные нововведения и изменения. Новое обновление содержит множество изменений, но на некоторые из них мне хотелось бы обратить особое внимание. Мы постарались сделать игру на новых хрониках ещё более насыщенной и интересной. Автоматическая прокачка, расходники, использование умений Процесс упрощения игры пошел дальше, чем просто цикличные макросы: теперь у игроков есть возможность использовать более продвинутую и функциональную систему автоматической прокачки, включающую в себя и автоматическое использование расходников по необходимости. Более того, теперь появилась возможность всегда автоматически использовать умения, отмеченные зелеными стрелочками, например, активные усиливающие умения. Волшебная Лампа Ещё одно нововведение, которое определенно упростит и улучшит процесс прокачки вашего персонажа. Убивайте монстров, зарабатывайте волшебные лампы и получайте за это приятные бонусы для вашего опыта. Новые предметы Дождались, одно из самых интересных нововведений – это новая экипировка грейда S и система улучшения экипировки. Главный Кузнец Феррис в Адене с удовольствием вам поможет улучшить свои предметы на соответствующих условиях. Мгновенное получение профессий Да, больше нет никакой необходимости тратить свое драгоценное время на прохождение скучных квестов, каждый из которых вы видели уже множество раз. Теперь при достижении нужного уровня отобразится специальная кнопка, после нажатия на которую вам откроется специальный интерфейс выбора профессии. Это касается всех квестов на смену класса, включая квесты на третью профессию. Установка обновления назначена на 27 июня, четверг, 16:00 по московскому времени. Вместе с началом процесса установки в игровом ланчере появится новая, обязательная к загрузке версия клиента. Во время проведения обновления мы будем стараться публиковать на форуме информацию, дающую понять о приблизительных сроках технических работ. Спасибо за то, что остаетесь с нами, дальше будет ещё интереснее.
  5. You have to help the Matchstick Sisters this winter season. With the frigid air coming in from the north, they need matchsticks to light their fires to stay cozy for the winter. Collect matchsticks and match heads from monsters to exchange for buffs and gifts. Event Details The event will run from December 30 to January 31. The following items will be automatically removed from players’ inventories when the event ends on . Matchstick Match Head Powerful Matchstick Regular Dish Very Delicious Dish Matchstick Sister’s Gift Matchstick Sister’s Gratitude Cooking Ingredient Christmas Talisman Pack Holiday Bonuses Christmas Herbs Rudolph's Red Nose Blessing have a chance to drop by hunting monsters that are level 21 or higher. When picked up by yourself or by a party member, the following buff will be immediately granted to the entire party: For 5 minutes, P./ M. Atk. +150, P./ M. Def. 100, Atk. Spd./ Casting Spd. +100, Speed +10. Appearance changes to that of Rudolph. A Christmas Tree that can restore 1,500 MP for nearby characters will be placed in the following zones. During the event, the chance of objects falling out is doubled during peak hours (18:00 - 23:59 Moscow time). How to participate You need to hunt monsters that are above level 21 to get matches. It is important to keep in mind that they do not fall out if the difference between you and the monsters is more than 9 levels: Combine Matchsticks and Match Heads to create either a Powerful Matchstick or a Well-Made Matchstick. Well-Made Matchsticks can be exchanged with Older Sister for Matchstick Sister’s Blessing, a chance of receiving Powerful Matchsticks, or a Cooking Ingredient. Once you’ve collected Powerful Matchsticks, you can exchange them with Younger Sister for a Bonfire. Summon a bonfire with the Bonfire item to turn the Cooking Ingredient into either a Regular Dish or a Very Delicious Dish. The summoned bonfire can be used for 30 seconds and can cook as many Cooking Ingredients in that time. Please keep in mind bonfires cannot be shared. If you use another player’s Bonfire you will lose your Cooking Ingredient. The Regular Dish is a buff item that can be used, and it provides: For 30 minutes, STR/ DEX/ CON/ INT/ WIT/ MEN +1. Additionally, acquired XP/SP +5%. The Very Delicious Dish can be exchanged for a Matchstick Sister’s Gift. Opening a Matchstick Sister’s Gift will randomly provide of the reward items: Good luck and have a great hunting!
  6. Dear friends, today we have a really great news: we are glad to present to your attention the update of the Lineage II: Classic server to the version Secret of Empire. By embracing the most important traditions of our complex, the new update is fully in line with the official servers, and also includes all the latest innovations and brand new things in leveling. The update contains many changes, but I would like to pay special attention just to some of them. We tried to make the game process of this chronicles even more intense and interesting. Automatic leveling, supplies and skills The process of the game simplification went even further than just cyclic macroses adding: now players have the opportunity to use a more advanced and functional system of automatic leveling, including the automatic use of needed supplies. Moreover, it is now possible to automatically use skills marked with the green arrows, for example, active buffs. Magic Lamp Magic Lamp is an another change that will definitely simplify and improve the process of your character leveling. Kill monsters, earn magic lamps and get nice bonuses for your experience. According to your success in killing mobs there are 4 stages of Magic Lamps: Green, Blue, Purple and Red, which will give you from +5.000.000 EXP and +135.000 SP to +100.000.000 EXP and +2.700.000 SP respectively. New items And one of the most interesting innovations is the new S-grade equipment and the system for equipment improving. The head blacksmith Ferris in Aden will gladly help you to improve your items under some simple conditions. Instant professions gaining Yes, there is no need to waste your precious time on completing boring quests, which you have seen many times already. Now, as soon as you reach the desired level, there will show up a special button - clicking on it and you will see a new interface for profession choosing. This UI applies to all quests for classes changing, including quests for a third profession. The update will be installed on Thursday, June 27, 16:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC). Along with the updating start, there will appear a new required version of the client in the game launcher. During the update, we will try to publish on the forum information about approximate timing of a maintenance. Thank you for staying with us, it will be even more interesting soon!
  7. Уважаемые игроки, в этот праздничный день мы хотим сообщить вам о действительно важном событии, об установке обновления Kamael: Part III для серверов Lineage II: Classic. Традиционно для нашего комплекса это обновление полностью соответствует официальным пачноутам и включает в себя все актуальные нововведения и исправления. На некоторые из изменений нам бы хотелось особо обратить ваше внимание. В первую очередь стоит отметить, что была существенным образом улучшена система авто-боя: теперь вы сможете автоматизировать весь процесс охоты с помощью панели умений, были существенно расширены возможности для управления умениями и действиями, а повторное прицеливание будет происходить быстрее. Был переработан внешний вид L-магазина и изменены условия выполнения заданий серии “Ежедневная охота”: отныне только монстры ниже персонажа на 11 и более уровней в зачет не идут. Однако самое интересное нововведение этого обновления это, конечно же, система трансформаций, о которой мы расскажем вам более подробно в отдельной теме. Обновление будет установлено 9 марта, в 15:00 по московскому времени. Когда серверы будут отключены, у вас в ланчере станет доступна для скачивания обновленная версия игрового клиента. Следите за новостями в этой теме, чтобы быть в курсе того, как проходит обновление. До встречи на просторах нашего проекта!
  8. The Talisman of Fate can be upgrade and enchanted for additional stats and effects. Promotion Details Talisman of Fate is only available on Lineage II Classic servers. The Bracelet of Fate (30-day) is available for free in the Store for all players (limited to one per account). Players with 2 Lvl. VIP Status can claim a FREE Talisman of Fate +1, limited to one per account, in the Store. Store Items Item Price Restrictions Talisman of Fate +1 0 Limited to one per account. 2 Lvl. VIP Status required. Talisman of Fate Box 78 -- Talisman of Fate Box (x10) 669 -- Forbidden Fate Special Pack 2100 -- Bracelet of Fate (30-day) 0 1 per account. Upgrading Your Talisman The Talisman of Fate can be upgraded to Lv. 5. Visit NPC Veruti in the town of Giran, just outside of the Luxury Shop, and speak to her about upgrading your Talisman. To upgrade, the Talisman requires another Talisman of the same level. A Talisman of Fate +1 can be upgraded with another +1, a Talisman of +2 will require a +2, and so forth. There is a chance for the upgrade to fail and when that happens you will receive only one of your Talismans back. A Talisman of Fate you have equipped can be consumed during the upgrade process, so be mindful of your equipped Talisman and its level. You should only keep the Talismans you plan to use in your upgrade in your Inventory. Any other Talismans should be placed in your Warehouse until you wish to use them. The upgrade process with NPC Veruti will not continue if you have multiple Talismans in your Inventory. During the upgrade process, the enchantment levels are reset so it’s important to only enchant your Talisman until you’ve reached your ideal upgrade level. The Talisman of Fate Lv. 1-3 are tradable. Once you upgrade to Lv. 4, the Talisman is no longer tradable. Talisman of Fate Upgrade Level Stats Lv. P.Def. M.Def. P./M. Evasion Max HP/MP/CP Atk. Spd./Casting Spd. Speed Fate Purification (Active Skill) 1 12 4 -- 3 2 -- N 2 14 6 1 15 5 2 N 3 17 8 1 20 7 3 N 4 22 11 1 80 9 4 Y 5 30 16 2 120 12 5 Y Talisman of Fate Lv. 4 and Lv. 5 will unlock the Fate Purification active skill. The skill has the same effects as a level 62 Purify skill (Bishop/Shillien Elder) with an added recovery bonus. Fate Purification (Active Skill) Description Cancels paralysis/petrification debuffs and cures severe poison/bleed conditions. Restores 15% HP. Casting Time: 2 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Enchanting Your Talisman As a note of caution, we highly recommend that you upgrade your Talisman of Fate to your desired level before you enchant. Upgrading an enchanted Talisman of Fate will cause the enchants to be removed. An Enchant Scroll of Fate can be acquired from the Talisman of Fate Box from the Store and is required to enchant the Talisman. There are no safe enchant levels. Enchanting a Talisman can fail and will result in the item being destroyed. An Enchant Scroll of Forbidden Fate can be used in place of the Enchant Scroll of Fate and it will also prevent failed enchantments up to level 8 from destroying the item. The enchantment levels will not be lost. The Enchant Scroll of Forbidden Fate can be acquired from the Forbidden Fate Special Pack available in the Store. Enchanting a Talisman of Fate to +3 and higher will unlock the chance skill, Fate Power. The skill has a chance to active when using physical attacks or magic skills against an enemy. Enchanting a Talisman to +9 and +10 will unlock the active skill, Blessing of Fates. Talisman of Fate Enchantment Stats Enchant (per level) P. Def. (per level) M. Def. (per level) HP/MP/CP (Chance Skill) Fate Power (Active Skill) Blessing of Fates XP/SP Increase Reflect Damage 1 - - - - - 3% - 2 - - - - - 7% - 3 1% 1% - Fate Power Lv. 1 - 7% - 4 2% 2% - Fate Power Lv. 1 - 12% - 5 3% 3% 1% Fate Power Lv. 2 - 12% - 6 4% 4% 2% Fate Power Lv. 3 - 17% - 7 5% 5% 3% Fate Power Lv. 4 - 17% 3% 8 6% 6% 3% Fate Power Lv. 5 - 25% 5% 9 6% 6% 4% Fate Power Lv. 6 O 25% 7% 10 6% 6% 5% Fate Power Lv. 7 O 30% 10% Fate Power (Chance Skill) Descriptions Fate Power Lv. 1 P./ M. Atk. +1%, P./ M. Critical Damage +3%. Fate Power Lv. 2 P./ M. Atk. +2%, P./ M. Critical Damage +5%. Fate Power Lv. 3 P./ M. Atk. +3%, P./ M. Critical Damage +10%. Fate Power Lv. 4 P./ M. Atk. +3%, P./ M. Critical Damage +15%. Fate Power Lv. 5 P./ M. Atk. +5%, P./ M. Critical Damage +30%. Fate Power Lv. 6 P./ M. Atk. +7%, P./ M. Critical Damage +30%. Fate Power Lv. 7 P./ M. Atk. +10%, P./ M. Critical Damage +40%. Blessing of Fates (Active Skill) Description Restores 100% HP/ CP and 50% MP when used. Casting Time: 3.2 seconds. Cooldown: 20 minutes. The Bracelet of Fate A bracelet (of any kind) is required to equip the Talisman of Fate. Available for a limited time in the Store is a Bracelet of Fate. You can upgrade your Bracelet of Fate (30-day) to a permanent version by exchanging (4) Enchant Scrolls of Forbidden Fate with NPC Veruti. The option to upgrade to a permanent bracelet ends when the Talisman of Fate promotion ends on July 17. Item Description Bracelet of Fate (30-day) A 30-day item. When equipped, opens up 4 Talisman slots. HP/MP Recovery +7%, Accuracy +1, M. Accuracy +1, Weight Limit +7,000. Good luck!