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  1. Entry fee 50k, you Morgan Stanley training internship or something lmao
  2. I'll catch you all on the flipside ;)
  3. You should start dealing with yourself asap then mate Congratulations, you made an enemy
  4. Like 5k people are downloading using the same source, stuff is gonna be slow. I got mine downloaded way ahead of server start
  5. Heard you begged our EE to come back after you rejected him, ahhahahahaha nice one mate BD is the last thing I need to woop your noob CP. "Bards" lmao hahahhaha, WoW fanboi
  6. I'll see you ingame and disrespect your CP in BDSM manner, don't worry. We're having a laugh over here, keep up with the drama mate
  7. You should be Photoshop guru over at the Silicon Valley mate, nice work lmao get a life
  8. Wanna tell me what this means, bro? You trynna steal my EE, spreading lies n shit?
  9. Cuz its an AOE warrior setup? Not gonna lose a slot for 16% p. atk increase dance.
  10. Yep, find me on discord and we will discuss :)
  11. @SangRoyal It's a shame, really. Hope more people come to their senses
  12. TakeOver International Constant Party Hello guys We are open for recruitment folks! Setup is melee AOE, don't be startled from the missing BD, on higher levels we will swap WC ( box ) for it. Shillien Knight - occupied Gladiator - occupied Tyrant - occupied Warlord - occupied Destroyer - vacant Swordsinger - occupied Warcryer - occupied Shillien Elder - occupied Elven Elder - vacant We are using Discord, so if you're interested and want to find more about us add me as a friend and I'll send you an invite for our CP server: Sovereign#2394 Looking forward to meeting some of you :) Over and out, Sovereign
  13. Hey, you still looking? TH and Tyrant here